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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Results of the 2nd Ballycotton Poll....How did you get your Ballycotton entry form?
The 3 options given were...
1) Sent off for one of the forms (SAE option)
2) In a local shop
3) Downloaded the form off the website
After putting up this poll, I realised that there might be one serious flaw which might skew the results. The flaw is.......anyone that is taking part in the poll is probably pretty active online. As such, they are much more likely to download the form off the Ballycotton website. So, the 79% answer above is really 79% of those active online rather than 79% of all runners.
However, even allowing for this, the very high percentage still suggests that most people will probably use the downloaded form anyway.
Considering that....
1) Most people have access to the Internet at work or at home or know someone who has and
2) Seeing how most SAE's didn't arrive until the Tuesday
.....Is the SAE option worth it anymore?
Following on from the post yesterday about the other poll about when did people get the SAE back, I noticed later (...much later ;o) that I had uploaded the wrong graphic i.e. the 2008 one.
So just out of interest, here is a comparison between the 2008 poll and 2009 poll about the SAE's.

As you can see, last year a lot of them arrived on the Monday while a good percentage were late. This year, they were nearly all late.

Considering that the Ballycotton '10' race is run purely on a voluntary basis (...not as a business like some other big races!), I wonder if it is really worth all the hassle and work? Will 2009 be the last year of the SAE option?

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Thomas said...

Personally I think the SAE option is not worth it if they get abuse from some people for the late arrivals of the forms, when that is entirely out of the hands of the organisers.