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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ballycotton '10' Entry Limit Reached...!!
As predicted, the bulk of the 2,500 entries arrived by post on Wednesday and the local postman is now taking a well deserved break ;o)

So unless you are a club runner, you have done all 4 of the summers series races or are living overseas then there is no point in posting your entry now.

If I'm not mistaken then I think that the limit last year wasn't reached until Thursday evening.
Now the long job of processing the entries begins. For the moment, you have no idea of knowing whether your entry was successful or not. Going on previous years, they will probably publish a list of successful entrants sometime early in the new year.

Here is the official blurb from the organisers regarding the 2,500 limit...
The 2,500 entry limit for next year’s Ballycotton ‘10’ has now been reached.
Unless you qualify under one of the headings below, PLEASE DO NOT send in any further entries – it is pointless and creates extra work and expense to post them back.
We repeat – DO NOT send any further entries unless you qualify as below.
The following will be accepted by post up to and including Tuesday December 15th:
(a) All bona fide AAI (Athletics Ireland) registered club members.
(b) All runners who completed the 2009 Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series (all four 5-mile events).
(c) All those who were entered but were unable to run the 2009 race AND returned their ChampionChip.
(d) All bona fide overseas entrants accepted by post up and including Friday January 8th.
......Ballycotton Running Promotions

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