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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ballycotton '10'........the clock is ticking.........enter now!
If you are reading this on Tuesday morning then you can be sure that the first batch of entries are on their way to Ballycotton for next year's race. Many of those that chose the SAE option will have got their forms early on Monday morning and posted them yesterday. It's probably safe to say that several hundred entries will have been filled by lunchtime today and the 2,500 limit will have been reduced to 2,000 or less.

Today is the day to post your entry. Get it in the post before your local post is collected in the afternoon. The majority of people will post their entries today and the organisers will possibly get well in excess of 1,000 entries on Wednesday.

Post it now!

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Anonymous said...

i sent two sae off one for home one for work they did not arrive until tuesday morning also five other people in work also sent off sae and they also didnt arrive until tuesday morning i wonder what the hold up was either its an post or else they were not posted on time