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Friday, September 25, 2009

Preview of the 'Evening Echo Ladies Mini Marathon'...Sun 27th Sept (1pm)
This is essentially a 3.8 mile charity walk/run with a road race at the front of it. If you intend to race it then you need to get to the start early! There are somewhere in the region of 10,000 women taking part and going on previous years, the organisers aren't too worried about whether the faster runners can get to the front or not.

Course...The start of this race is on the Centre Park Road.

Mile 0-1....The first mile or so is very flat with only a slight uphill around the 0.8 mile mark as the road joins the Marina. This should be a very fast mile as long as you stay clear of the mass of runners/joggers/walkers/prams....etc.
Mile 1-2.....Dead flat along the Marina. Probably the most scenic part of the run. Again, it should be a very fast mile. If you have started too fast, this is about where you should find out. Pace yourself for the first 2, you can pick it up over the last 2 if you have gone too slow.
Mile 2-3....This section includes the only real hill. There is a nasty pull from the 2 mile mark up to St.Michael's church, a distance of about 300 metres. You are going to lose some time here. After that, it's reasonably flat with a slight fall downhill into Beaumount about the 2.7 mile mark. Then past the AIB bank and Post office and take a sharp right down Maryville Road. Around the 3 mile mark, there is a very steep downhill section. By far, the hardest mile.
Mile 3-3.8....After the initial downhill section, the remainder of the mile is flat with the finish on the Monaghan Road, near Kennedy Park.

Click on the map above for a closer look. If you are not sure what part of the city the map shows above, click on this LINK

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