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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Results of the Cork BHAA 'PTAA' 5 km road race.....Wed 2nd Sept 2009
This race took place in breezy and cool conditions. A record turnout of 383 runners took part. Just to put that in perspective and show just how dramatic the growth in numbers running has been recently, here are the past number of finishers...

The biggest change this year was of course the change of the start and finish lines. The old finish was near a busy road junction and some of the slower runners had to run through traffic which was crazy. The new course is a lot better. The start line is on a quieter road and the finish is in a quiet housing estate. Fergus Wall has very kindly plotted out the new route on MapMyRun and you can compare that to the old route shown in the preview.

1) A short series of shots were taken by Gearoid O'Laoi and can be seen HERE.

Results......the full results are out now. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

The amount of help was fantastic. Every junction was really well covered. Well done to the organisers and Thank you. All the people cheering at the houses were really nice too. It was way nicer a run than I'd have expected for an urban route.

John Dunphy said...

Well done to the BHAA and all the stewards fantastic race and a nice course,The changes made to the start and finish were very successful and there was no problem at the finish line with traffic this year,i love this race as it's only a few minutes from my home and it's really nice to run on a course that I'm familiar with, thanks to all for such a well organised event and to all the runners for supporting this race great attendance again last night,and even had two member's of my family run this race which was great to see as they don't run regularly and decided to give this race a go.Well done to my Nephew/Godson Jason (15) and brother in law Tony for coming out and supporting this event and to my sister Susan for supporting all three of us at the start and finish line.

Eileen on the run said...

I grew up in Summerstown so it was kinda surreal to run through there. The estate seemed much smaller - did it shrink?!!
I'll miss the weekly evening runs - they've been handy for Dublin prep and having been running since Jan it's fab to see more and more familiar faces each time.