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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Overall Results for the Ballycotton Summer Series......
The overall results for the 4 races in the Ballycotton Summer Series are now available HERE. It looks like 155 men and 55 women completed all 4 races. I'm not too sure how exactly that compares to previous years but I'd suspect that it's a record number.
There was a time not too long ago when one race might have got 210 runners. To get a figure of 210 competing in all 4 races just goes to show how popular this summer series has become.

...........or has it something to do with Ballycotton 10 entries for next year ;o)

Shhhh.......we'll say no more until November about that subject!


Unknown said...

any chance to find out how the numbers dropped off from race to race, i.e., 275 did races 1 and 2, 250 did races 1, 2, & 3, and 210 did all four?


John Desmond said...


The results of the 1st race are HERE

The overall results after 2 races are HERE

The overall results after 3 races were up on the Ballycotton website but they're gone now.

Unknown said...

The breakdown of the overall series

Shanagary Men 202 Ladies 77 = 279

Church/S Men 168 Ladies 64 = 232

B/cotton Men 155 Ladies 55 = 210

Unknown said...

2009 Series Men Ladies Total %

Ballyandreen 287 125 412 100.00%

Shanagarry 202 77 279 67.72%

C/Town South 168 64 232 56.31%

Ballycotton 155 55 210 50.97%

Anonymous said...

Talking about the BC10 Qualification Rules.... Has Ballycotton R.P. considered allowing the people , approx 170 , who ran all 4 races of the munster 10 mile series this year to get a 'pass' into the Ballycotton 10 .. I think that would be a favourable and fair addition to the new rules.

Any thoughts ?


Unknown said...

Thanks! Your right about the 210. Its pretty good.

John Desmond said...

Another comment received..."Regarding the query about the drop-off rate in the Series, 471 finished the first race (Ballyandreen) but after Shanagarry the number with two races done was down to 279. After Churchtown South it was 232 and 210 completed the four races.

The fact that there was such a drop-off after Ballyandreen and that almost 200 new people turned up in Shanagarry proved it wasn't the need to complete all four races (re Ballycotton '10 entry) that motivated people this year."