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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Entries for the Womens Mini-marathon.......
The next race in Cork is the Womens mini-marathon coming up next Sunday, the 27th of September at 1pm.

What it is and what it's not....
It is described as 'Munster's Premiere 4 mile road race'. Well, if you ignore the marketing blurb, it's not. In reality, it is a charity walk over a distance of about 3.8 miles with a road race at the front of it. Several thousand women will walk in this event raising tens if not hundreds of thousands of Euros for local charities. Somewhere in the region of 300 to 500? women will actually run the course.

Online entries are now closed but you can still enter until Thursday, the 24th at the Race office upstairs in Debenhams, Patricks Strret in Cork City.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I have ran nearly every mini marathon in the last 20 years,While i have to applaud the hard working crew who work endless of hours organising this event packing goody bags etc I think it should be kept to a charity walk /run..Why advertise as a race when every year us runners have to fight to get our proper start..
Last year officials insisted we go behind the barrier but this rule was not enforced for all and caused mayhem with us having to jump barrier (me included)or be left to be trampelled on ??
I ended up injured having been pushed as tempers were high amongst all to get a decent start..
I wont be taking part this year but I wish all a great success..
Monica Twohig