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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Pfizers' 6 Mile Road Race - Wed 29th Apr 2009
Although the wet weather was very similiar to last year's event, the turnout this year was much higher with a record crowd of around 275 taking part. As a race over the years, the Pfizers 6 mile never seemed to attract the bumper crowds that you would get at say a 5k or 4 mile race. Yet as a road race....and especially in terms of the work put into the event and the refreshments afterwards, it has to be one of the best races on the Cork BHAA calendar.

It would be also worth noting that some of the local Cork BHAA races are now attracting runners from other counties as well. A number of people from Waterford have run in the last 2 races while there is a loyal following from a certain Kerry Contingent ;o) Not only did they clean up in the prizes last night in Ringaskiddy but they also made the long trip last week from Killarney to Youghal for the beach race! It should remind us how luckly we are to have so many road races on our doorstep here in Cork.

Lost & Found.......Someone sent me a mail today saying that a person lost a sum of money at the race last night. If anyone who found it would like to return it to it's righful owner, then they can send an e-mail to me and I'll pass on the contact details. My e-mail is shown at the bottom of the right hand column.

Results.......the full results are now available HERE.

Category the meantime, here are the category results.

1 Cathal O’Connell (UCC, M45) 32:13; 2 Derek O’Leary (Twomey Transport) 32:21; 3 Simon Simcox (Leisure World) 32:31; 4 Sean Stilwell (K-Vent) 32:57; 5 S Dowling (Kearys) 33:37; 6 Noel O’Regan (Army, M40) 34:26; 7 Kieran O’Sullivan (Cork Garda) 34:31; 8 P Hickey (Avondhu Motors) 34:38; 9 W McNamara (DMP Enterprises) 34:39; 10 Austin Browne (Stasol) 34:48.
M40: 2 John Dunphy (Midleton News) 37:35; 3 Conor McMahon (Phoenix Clinic) 37:57.
M45: 1 John Desmond (Statsol) 36:15; 2 Tim Lucey (Cork County Co) 36:26; 3 Denis Carroll (Blarney Woollen Mills) 36:27.
M50: 1 John Collins (Team adidas) 35:44; 2 Tom Cody (Midleton UDC) 36:20; 3 P Collins (Team Herbal) 36:23.
M55: 1 Joe Gough (Mileeen Foods) 36:11; 2 Pat Twomey (UCC) 38:33; 3 P O’Sullivan (Maria Immaculata) 42:26.
M60: 1 Paddy Gyves (ITW-Hi Cone) 43:09; 2 Jimmy Murray (HSE) 43:56.
M65: 1 John Cotter (ESB) 45:08.
Team: (Grade A) 1 Statsol 45; 2 Avondhu Motors 78; 3 Leisure World 111.
(Grade B) 1 UCC 106; 2 Midleton UDC 141; 3 Cork City Co 223.
(Grade C) 1 Midleton News 131; 2 Blarney Woollen Mills 212; 3 Statsol 216.

Women: 1 Rhona Lynch (GE-Healthcare) 35:55; 2 K Teahan (HSE) 37:41; 3 K Cashell (Imperial College) 38:41; 4 M Crowley (temp-reg) 38:54; 5 H Leonard (Shouragh Childcare, F35) 39:45; 6 Fidelma Kirwan (Sensory Labs, F40) 40:42.
F35: 2 Mary O’Connell (IPS) 46:21.
F40: 2 M Mulcahy (BoI) 46:45.
F45: 1 Aine Murphy (UCC) 46:26.
F50: 1 F O’Connor (Dept of Educ).

Team: (Grade A) 1 UCC ‘A’ 178; 2 UCC ‘B’ 272. (Grade B) 1 IPS 362; 2 Dept of Educ 364.

(......with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for the above results)

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Donal O'Donoghue said...

There's five interesting results here.

111 Earphone Wearer Temp 43:47
137 Earphone Wearer Temp 44:41
179 Earphone Wearer Temp 46:57
186 Earphone Wearer Temp 47:12
228 Earphone Wearer Temp 51:44

(as explained at the end)
The use of earphones at BHAA races, and at the vast majority
of other races, is forbidden. Any runner we saw crossing the finish line
with earphones on has not had their name included in the results.