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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bord Gáis Energy Cork City Marathon and Marathon Relay 2009....Part 8 of 12 by Mick Dooley, Cork BHAA
(Mick Dooley of the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association wrote a 12 part series of articles for the Evening Echo last year. Needless to say, they are as valid this year as last year so I will be republishing them here (...with a few changes) on this website. They are written with the beginner in mind. Part 8 is based on 5 weeks to go, about the 27th of April).

Run for Charity...
Running a marathon is a great achievement. It gives great personal satisfaction having completed several weeks of intensive training. However, you can also help many other people if you decide to run for a charity. This can make your event much more rewarding, knowing, that you are helping other people while also achieving your goal. You may think that your effort to raise money for charity is of little significance but all charities are based on small amounts of money raised on a continuous basis. So no matter how small your donation is, it will be gratefully received by the charity of your choice. If you have not already found a charity to run for, you can view a comprehensive list of registered charities on the marathon website. You can contact the charity of your choice directly for your race pack.Cork city marathon has not endorsed any particular charity for this year’s event but, has made a comprehensive list of charities available to view, on their website. Charity running is a great way to enable runners to prepare and compete in a classic event as well as raise significant funds for a cause of their choice.

Bord Gais Cork City Marathon Training Guide

Week 8 of a 12 week training plan

Mon, 30mins jog, Tue 40mins easy, Wed 60mins steady, Thurs rest, Fri 30mins easy, Sat rest, Sun- two and half hour run

Mon 30mins jog, Tues 45mins easy, Wed 90mins easy, Thurs rest, Fri 16x1mins fast, Sat 30mins easy, Sun 20 mile steady pace

Serious Runners
Mon 60mins easy, Tues 12x2mins 1min off, Wed 100mins easy, Thurs 7x5mins with 3mins recovery, Fri 45mins easy, Sat Rest, Sun 20mile steady pace

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