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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Results of the Mallow 5 Mile Road Race...Thurs 23rd May 2009
This 5 mile road race in Mallow took place on a dull and dreary evening, almost a carbon copy of the weather conditions for the Mallow 10 mile race back in January. Exactly 100 runners turned out despite the weather, a slight increase last year's figure of about 90. One notable feature of the race was the number of non-Cork runners present with people travelling from Kerry, Limerick and Clare. No doubt if it didn't clash with the East Cork Road Championships, another 20-30 runners would have been present. Perhaps if the weather was a little kinder as well, maybe a figure of 150 might have been reached??

As for the route, it was my first time running this race although there was a bit of deja vu as it was on exactly the same route as part of the Mallow 10 race. The back roads towards the finish are nice and quiet although there is one 'not so nice' section on the main Mallow/Killarney road where the hard shoulder disappears and you end up running between pools of water on your left and passing cars on your right. At least the Gardai were present here to slow traffic down, otherwise it would be pretty dangerous.

Results.........the full results are now available HERE.

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