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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Entries for the 2008 Cork City Marathon & Relay....
Now that Ballycotton is out of the way, it might be time to start think about entering this years Cork City Marathon. You can enter up until the 9th of May. However, the entry fee gets more expensive, the later you leave it.

Monday, the 31st of March is the cut-off point for the cheapest entries. Hence this post here with 2 weeks notice.

The Entry Fees...
Before the 31st of March.....Marathon (Individual) = €50, Relay Event = €80 per team
Between the 1st of April and the 28th of April....Marathon = €60, Relay = €90
Between the 29th of April and the 9th of May....Marathon = €70, Relay = €100.
(Note that these fees are valid only if you post in your application. If you enter online, it will cost 10%, sod that ;o)

Full individual Marathon...
If you going to be doing the full 26.2 miles on your own, you should be well into your training programme at this stage. If you have your mind made up to do it, it makes sense to enter now rather than later.

Relay Event...
With this event, a team of 2,3,4 OR 5 can run different sections of the Marathon passing over to their team mate at designated changeover points. Each stage will be about 4 to 6 miles in lenght and there will be 5 sections. For example with a team of 3, Runner 1 can do sections 1&2, Runner 2 can do sections 3&4 and the 3rd runner completes the final section.
So, you have 2 weeks to get a team together and send in your entry at the cheap rate.

The application form for the Cork City Marathon & Relay can be found at this LINK.

You can find more information about the event on the Cork City Marathon Website.

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