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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ballycotton 10 - Questions and Answers.... (Updated Tues 5th 9pm)
If you have any questions or queries, just click on the comment link below and ask. I'll post all questions and answers here rather than having them spread accross several posts. If you would like to add anything to a question or an answer, please feel free to leave a comment.
Question 1...."Hi John
Love the blog, it's my first stop to get details of anything running related in the area, best of luck in the blog awards. Just wondering what the issue is with headphones at Ballycotton? Fair enough for BHAA races on open roads but Ballycotton will be on a closed circuit....Anonymous "
Answer..."I think they are taking this step for safety and insurance reasons. As you say, the course is closed but I suppose the insurance people feel that anyone running with headphones is not giving their full attention to what is going on around them. This is especially important in the first mile or so when there are so many people packed into a small area and there is a real danger of someone getting tripped and falling.
From my own point of view, I think they are a bad idea in Ballycotton because there is a great atmosphere there on the day and by wearing headphones, you are not really taking everything in.
As it say's in the entry booklet FAQ..."For safety and insurance reasons, this year we are BANNING all iPods, Personal Stereos, etc from people taking part"....John Desmond"
Question 2..."Hi John, Any chance you could give some tips regarding nutrition leading up to the race. Best things to eat and when, for the day before and the day of. I find morning runs ok in terms of when to time breakfast etc but not so sure for races later in the day....Anonymous"
Answer..."The main thing to remember is that running 10 miles is not like running a Marathon (26.2 miles). There should be no question of using up all of your energy reserves and hitting the wall. It might be no harm to have a meal high in carbohydrates on the Friday and Saturday (Pasta, Rice, etc) and drink plenty of liquids (non-alcoholic!) to stay hydrated. On Sunday, have a light breakfast (cereal, toast, orange juice, etc) and avoid the big greasy fry-up ;o) The race is at 1:30pm so it's not that late. Bring a banana to have a quick bite around 12 noon if you need to keep your energy up......all common sense stuff really. Just avoid the rubbish like chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc on the morning of the race......John Desmond"

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