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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Weather forecast for the 2023 Cork City Marathon event - 4th June

This year's Cork City Marathon will be dominated by the sun and how to stay cool. As can be seen from the forecast above, it's pretty much clear skies and sunshine for all three events with temperatures in the high teens to low twenties.

10K ...The 10k event starts at 8:45am and it will be over before it gets too hot. Even still, I'm sure that those doing it will find the conditions very warm.

Marathon... This starts at 8:15am and the first half should feel reasonable. There will be a gentle easterly breeze coming in off Cork harbour which should keep things cool on the Lower road heading for the Jack Lynch tunnel and in Mahon.

The walkway after the 13.1 mile / 21.1km halfway point is covered by trees up as far as the Marina.

Once the runners reach the South Link Road, they will be some distance from the harbour and the cooing effect of the wind. Any wind that is there is likely to be a tailwind as the runners head west and with the warm air coming up from the tarmac surface, it's probably going to feel very hot.

There might be some respite when the runners head east into a light headwind on the Straight Road but it will now be near the hottest part of the day.

Half-Marathon... As above, the half is the same as the second half of the marathon.

In summary... The sunny weather is great for spectators but it means that any target times will be a challenge. Even though the organisers try to promote the event as a 'flat marathon', it's on at the wrong time of year for fast times. It's more of a case of people wanting to do it because it's their local marathon or it's a trip away.

Try to wear some sort of hat for the event to protect your head. Wear as little as possible, don't be the person standing on the start line with a running jacket because you feel a little cold. If you do feel a little chilly waiting in the shade for the race to start then that's perfect.

The main thing is to enjoy the event and don't beat yourself up if you don't hit some target time. The priority is to look after yourself and not get sunstroke.

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