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Friday, June 02, 2023

Looking ahead to the Cork City Marathon 10k...

One of the big changes to the Cork City Marathon event this year is the elimination of the Marathon Relay and the introduction of a new 10k road race.

I know that this hasn't been a popular decision with everyone as many walkers in the past could be part of a relay team and there was a 'team' element to the event. Now it's just everyone on an individual basis. On the flip side, a lot of runners might prefer a 10k race rather than the relay.

From the organisers point of view, it's probably a lot easier to organise a 10k rather than bus relay participants all over the city. In the space of 90 minutes, the 10k is practically over for nearly all participants.

Course... As the map shows above, the 10k race starts on Patrick's Street in the centre of Cork City. It then proceeds onto the Grand Parade and out Washington Street. At about 2.5kms, there are two right hand turns to get onto the Mardyke. 

At 3.5kms, there is a potential bottleneck as the runners will run along the walkway by the walkway next to the river. This lasts for about 700m until the runners reach the North Mall.

After that, it's up into Blackpool with a few twists and turns and back out again onto the quays. At about 8.2kms, it's right over Mary Elmes Bridge and back down the opposite quay.

After 9kms, it's left onto North Main Street and back onto Patrick's Street and the finish line.

In summary... A flat enough 10k course although it has a lot of twists and turns. Potential bottleneck at 3.5kms. With an 8:45am start, it will be over before the day gets too warm.

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