Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Work continues on the new walkway bridge over the South Ring Road in Cork City

Friday, March 17, 2023

Work continues on the new walkway bridge over the South Ring Road in Cork City

Back in June of 2022, I updated a post about the plans for the new pedestrian bridge over the N40 South Ring Road in Cork City which will link the Tramore Valley Park to Frankfield and Grange.

Cork City Council have just released some photos which shows the bridge under construction at Thompsons of Carlow.

It is expected to be finished and installed at the end of April 2023.

As you can see from the photos, the bridge is four metres wide which leaves loads of space for pedestrians, runners and cyclists.

The planned completion date for the whole project is the Autumn so I'd suspect it will be maybe September or October before it is open to the public?

This will not only benefit local runners in terms of more routes but it was also aid with access to the 5k parkrun on Saturday mornings.

Sometimes these projects seem to move at a glacial pace but at least we can see the finish line with this one.

Link to previous post with maps...

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Anonymous said...

The new tarmac path in the park is fantastic.
Would there be any chance the Council could make a narrow 2 foot cinder path on the inside of the tarmac for older and injury prone athletes like myself, and for kids and athletic clubs, to use.
The cost would be minimal and it would add a quickdrying layer to the the Limestone stones currently used inside the tarmac path.
I am glad to canvass the Council for same if anyone has a contact for me to reach out to.