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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Guest Post: The Year Moves On Pat Walsh

 ** The Year moves on **

Last Thursday was the 9th of March 2023.

The year is moving on fairly rapidly at this stage. In a few more weeks we will have long evenings and some evening races to compliment the full schedule of weekend runs that are already happening. 

Have you any idea what the year has in store for you and even the slightest hint of a plan to achieve it? 

There will always be a few pitfalls but we can overcome those if we have some strategy of working to our goal.

Run, Run. First and foremost in any plan is you need to be running. Get the miles in, but make sure there is enough slow runs to help recovery and prevent burnout. Look forward to a run and meeting people. Do not resent it or in any way try to avoid it. Live it -Love it.

Get some regular (weekly) speed work. It is impossible to just rock up to a race and perform if you have not put some appropriate speed into your legs during training. 

Stretching, flexibility and mobility work are important in any plan and if like me you are vintage then they are absolutely necessary to keep you moving. Get a routine that you can do at home most days, plus add some extra before and after runs. Maybe attend some yoga / pilates classes or some aerobic class that has a stretching part to it. 

I could waste another year and wonder where did it go, or I can look forward from today to a very rewarding 2023. Reward means participating for me, there is no mention of PB’s, prizes or times. Running a race is showing to myself that I’m alive and healthy. Prizes are for the elite, running a race and enjoying the occasion is for the special people. 

It is only when you look back and see how fast time moves on that you must remind yourself to do better and not waste any more days. Where did the last 20 years go, when I look at my Ballycotton mug and t-shirt for 9th March 2003? I remember that particular day like it was yesterday. Classic race, sadly missed but time waits for no-one so what are we waiting for? 

Make new memories of your own that you can cherish. 

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C. S. Lewis.

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