Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Mallow 10-mile road race - Sun 26th March 2023

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Results & Photos of the Mallow 10-mile road race - Sun 26th March 2023


First place finish for Niamh Moore in a time of 59m 37s

Top 5 men & women...

1 Ryan CREECH 00:49:35 2 MS Leevale A.C.
2 Niall SHANAHAN 00:50:37 905 M40 An Bru A.C.
3 Dean CASEY 00:51:55 3 MS Ennis Track A.C.
4 Peter Brandon SOMBA 00:51:57 5885 MS Dunboyne A.C.
5 Kane COLLINS 00:51:58 136 MS Donore Harriers A.C.
41 Niamh MOORE 00:59:37 8 FS Leevale A.C.
78 Catherine MURPHY 01:02:40 643 F45 Eagle A.C. 
79 Orla BYRNE 01:02:45 1255 FS St. Finbarrs A.C.
92 Clara RYAN 01:03:15 888 FS St. Finbarrs A.C.
111 Emily KNOX 01:04:13 1132 FS Leevale A.C.

Full results HERE


1) As always, Joe Murphy has loads of photos...
a) Pre race HERE
b) Early in the race 1 - HERE
c) Early in the race 2 - HERE
d) Early in the race 3 - HERE
e) Early in the race 4 - HERE
f) Early in the race 5 - HERE
g) Early in the race 6 - HERE
g) Early in the race 7 - HERE
g) Early in the race 8 - HERE
g) Early in the race 9 - HERE
g) Early in the race 10 - HERE

2) Derek Costello has loads of photos as well...


Anonymous said...

That's some time for a +60 male

Anonymous said...

Ran this for the 1st time what an excellently run race, start to finish.

Anonymous said...

Was the wearing of headphones permitted in this race ? Looking at photos , A lot of people had them, I don't mind what other people do. I would have loved to worn mine esp to drown out traffic noises

cathalhistory said...

Great going Mallow AC

Anonymous said...

For safety reasons, headphones are not permitted in the Mallow10. Unfortunately there were a few people wearing them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the volunteers from Mallow AC. Great race. Thanks to the photographers also, as we all like having a look through the photos!

Anonymous said...

Did Mallow this year and last year and hope to do again next year. Just one or two small improvements that might be made for next year.

1. Less traffic cones on the main road and moved further out onto the road as on Sunday they were just a hazard to runners without slowing motorised traffic much.

2. Bins for disposal of water bottles shortly after water stops, people less likely then to fire their water bottles over the ditches and hedgerows.

3. Start race to coincide with train times, there was a train that arrived in mallow from Cork 6 minutes after the race start and one that arrived 5 mins after race start from Dublin direction. Would have been great to be a ke to get public transport to the race and unfortunately the earlier train from Cork gets into mallow at 10.45, just that bot early for a 12.30 race.

Thanks to all volunteers and organisers for having this race.

Anonymous said...

Those cones on the Killarney road were a nightmare

Anonymous said...

Please ask the Red Cross Ambulances not to tail a person for almost 2KM of the race. The pulled out into the crowd near the racecourse and was behind me until near the water stop. I could hear nothing else except the hum of the van following me. It really put me off as I found it hard to concentrate. I know they’ve a job to do but it was very difficult to run with them stuck right behind me for that long.