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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Guest Post: Run, Rest, Recover Pat Walsh

Run, Rest, Recover

We can tackle this in a short term cycle as we go through our weekly plan.

And we can look at it in longer term and how to rest at various time after a major event.

In the short weekly cycle we cannot train hard every time we run. The body needs rest and to recover for the next hard session. For some that will be taking a day off, for others it will be running some easy miles and some will go to the gym or cycle / swim to mix up the training. 

Whatever approach you take is fine as long as there is recovery. We hurt our bodies when we train hard and rest is merely a chance to repair and build back stronger. Training on a tired body with weary legs is a recipe for disaster. 

The longer term is where there is a serious block of training leading up to a Distance event (eg marathon) and what is best to do afterwards. Your body will need rest, it is exhausted after a few months of high mileage and draining the reserves. You must do a controlled rest recovery period. It is OK to train lightly but whatever you do and even if it is some other exercise you cannot push the body. 

If you want to have a future and maybe improve from where you are, then the first thing to do is re-gather your energy levels and allow sore and tired muscles / bones to repair themselves. 

I like to look at the duration of intensity in an event to judge recovery times. Running 5k’s and 4 mile races are tough but in terms of time spent at max level it is possible to bounce back reasonably quickly. Some runners like to get a block of a few races in close succession and then cutback again for a while to recover and improve. 

Running a long race, there is no other answer than a decent recovery. You cannot perform again at your best too close to the previous effort.

After an illness or an injury it will take time to come back. Don’t rush it or force it, and allow yourself plenty of time to recover your old ways and get back in the groove. 

One to think about.... 4 Runners go off on Saturday Morning to run 10 miles together at a fairly decent pace. They are aged 30, 40, 50 and 60. They do it, finish together and are delighted. They did the same run, Heart Rate and pace reasonably similar.... but the recovery requirements are different. Always be aware of what is most appropriate for YOUR body. Recovery may take longer as we age. 😱

We are not machines. We will not improve without pushing ourselves but it is the balance of hard effort with periods of rest and lighter intensity will keep you running better and for longer. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend. 🥰

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