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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

No Cork BHAA races likely in 2021

The Cork Business Athletics Association (BHAA) announced this week that there are unlikely to be any races on the calendar for the rest of 2021.

In 2019, their races would often attract well in excess of 400 runners which is a sign of just how popular they were.

In a statement, the Cork BHAA said..." I hope all our members and runners in Cork and beyond have been keeping safe and well during these times. The ongoing restrictions have affected all parts of society and while some elements are re-opening we are not in a position to do so yet. Our last race was at CIT on March 1 2020 and in the absence of government guidelines on resuming athletic events we cannot resume our racing calendar.

It is unlikely that we will see Cork BHAA races in 2021 but any changes will be communicated through and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  The health and safety of all runners, volunteers and committee is our primary concern and we will return to racing when safe to do so."


Anonymous said...

sure they will never be back at that rate. if bweeng and rathcormac and churchtown can host races alebit with 200 linits then perhaps the BHAA can? maybe not as many as before but vertainly one a month in controlled areas. there is even a half marathon going ahead in nroth cork soon which will be very well managed.

also maybe parkruns can start up soon but runners must pre register beforehand and show i.d when they turn up to race.

while i am completely and fully supportive of government guidelines and am fully vaccinated we do then do start thinking a bit more, it was obvious the runners at the above races were delighted to be back and unlike suporters at croke park are behaving very responsibly. i do know some prominent marathon runners at national championship level are posting some very irresponsible anti covid rubbish on social media but most of us sloggers are happy to get back to regular and safe running. the BHAA are very capable of sorting this.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with above. The reasoning of "in the absence of government guidelines on resuming athletic events we cannot resume our racing calendar" seems strange since races are now happening.

Would have been great for a return so that they are prepared for next year. I know the organisers are older so maybe they are not comfortable with running it and that is ok to but I'm not confident we will see a return to BHAA races for a long time

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the previous comments can come to that conclusion. The bhai races have never turned anyone away, currently they would have to,also bhai is for company runners primarily and at each race there is well in excess of 1000 euro of individual,age categories and team prizes for both men and women, with a cap on entrants it would mean they could not function as before, for me a big part of bhai races is the atmosphere and social side post race having a cuppa and a sandwich, again,not possible at the moment....finally remember, the bhai are volunteers...

Anonymous said...

Most club races are run by volunteers and offer prizes. The company would sponsor the prizes for the races so it wouldn't matter if there 10 people running or 200.

Oh and they do turn people away. Unless you work with a registered company you cannot race. They removed people from results due to this. Sometimes people just want to race but may not be possible for them to register with a company

John Desmond said...

Just a correction. The BHAA do allow non-reg runners to take part. They just pay a higher entry fee and they don't qualify for prizes.

I think they might have had some issues with results in the past but in general, the non-reg runners and times appear in the results well.

Anonymous said...

I work in a company who has a race on the bhaa calendar and the race prizes are not sponsored by the company, its from the money collected on the night that these are covered..and that's not unique from all the bhaa races I've attended over the years....I wouldn't assume all companies on the calendar fork out the 4k approx to stage a race...also the only time I've seen results not counting at bhaa races is when some runners refuse to remove headphones

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it isn't the company as the prizes vary so much (from really bad to really good) from race to race. I genuinely thought the company was involved on that side. I stand corrected.