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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Guest Post: Two types of runners Pat Walsh

** 2 types of runners **

And both have different issues.
Number 1 is the person who trained away last 18 months and now the races are happening again. What to concentrate on is a decision, whether long or short or else go for broke and run everything.
What can I say. 

Number 1 you are super. You have trained and you are not burnt out, as there was no races so it really is a time to shine. Be careful of over-racing and continue to train and stretch and recover and hit those good times in your chosen preferred race.

Number 2 is the runner who disappeared and now regrets it. They see the races happening and are in no condition to take part in them.

So, I am writing this to encourage you and not be annoying or shaming you. It was a tough time and we had so many physical and mental distractions that for some it was impossible to continue to train.
It is time to start again, don't waste another day.
You did it once you can go again.
Find a buddy or a group as this will help.
Don't go mad and build it back slowly.
Try to train at least 3 times a week but slowly increasing the workload.
Late August into September and October is one of the nicest times of the Year to train.
Keep it simple. Walk / run and slowly increase the length of your runs and training duration. Don't forget to stretch afterwards.
Run very slow until you get used to running again. Forget what pace you used to do.

Week 1: walk 2mins / jog 1 min. repeat x 5 and go 3 sessions per week
Week 2 walk 2mins / jog 2 mins. repeat x 5 and go 3 sessions per week
Week 3 walk 2mins / jog 3 mins. repeat x 5 and go 3 sessions per week
Continue in the way up to Week 8 adding a minute to the run portion each week. 
At this stage you will be training for 50mins in a session 
Walk 2 / jog 8 repeat x 5
and ready to take the next step forward.
This may seem to be a slow build up but it is a sustainable way to start again and stay injury free.
I look forward to some feedback and to see you back in action again.

I leave with a final word that maybe is lost in the whole narrative that is being fed to us from on high.
Look after yourself physically and mentally. 
The better your aerobic function and physical strength are, can be a big help in determining your future. 
Going for a run in nature can be great to clear the mind and clear the body of stress 
Running helps both. πŸƒ

Of course there are no guarantees or certainties, curve balls and exceptions will be thrown at us but at least give yourself a sporting chance. πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

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