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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Guest Post: Dream, Make a Goal, Plan... by Pat Walsh

 ** Dream, Make a goal, Plan **

After the heroics of the last few weeks watching the Olympics it is back to ourselves to be inspired and active.
Well done to everyone who wore the Green Singlet and to all athletes from around the world who entertained and amazed us.
That this was done with huge uncertainty about the Games having been postponed would they actually taking place. To adapt and continue with Years of dedication and preparation with that cloud hanging over each of them was amazing..☘☘

What has that got to do with you and I, you might well ask. It has a lot to do in its own way if you think about it.
It is time to move on again. We need to Dream and Set a Goal that is achievable. 
It may change or move but we must set our sights on something.
The Dream can be something you want to do.
The Goal can be a specific date and place to perform it but that can change.

If you have disappeared from running, then maybe a 5km in 3 months.
At the other end is next Year the Year you raise the Mileage and go for a Marathon.
Many other goals and dreams in between those 2 levels.
So many things we can do, only we need to get going and Plan towards them.
Running is a sport that you only get out what you put in.
You won’t get a 10mile PB on the couch.
If you haven’t run in months then past glories are just that, in the past, and you need to get moving again. You have done it once why can’t you get back there.

Our Olympians showed there is Years of dedication to achieve anything worthwhile, so why do we think we can do something great in a short period of time.
So whatever your goal is: whether running a 5km again or finishing Mizen to Malin you need to a long term plan with a few intermediate goals that can be ticked off along the way.

Dare to dream. Life can be boring otherwise.

I love a good story.
In an effort to increase my weekly mileage I went for an easy early morning pre-work run this week. At our meet point before we STARTED, my buddy and myself met Billy who was FINISHING his run at the same spot. Usual smiles and pleasantries were passed, as it is always a delight to meet him.
One question he asked me was “Will we be back racing soon?”
To which I replied “I hope so, please God”
Billy is 83 years young . 
Now remind me, what is your excuse for not running today?….

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?' 
But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?'”
– George Bernard Shaw

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