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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Notice: Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Athletic Study - Autumn 2021

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials in Cork are looking for local runners to take part in a study and successful applicants will be paid €900 for their time.

Details below....

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The inclusion criteria for this study include;

Male/female aged 25-45

Running 15-20km/week

1 to 4h of training per week, with maximum 1h of lower body heavy-load or resistance training

Willing to limit caffeine, smoking, and alcohol consumption during the entire study period with no more than 5 cigarettes per day and 1.5 or 2 drinks respectively for women and men. Also, alcohol consumption will not be allowed 24 hours prior to exercise-induced muscular damage.

Willing to refrain from training for 3 days before the first test, 5 days before each damage-inducing exercise and during each supplementation phase, including active recovery exercises such as swimming, cycling at low intensity, unusual distance walking (however such should be encouraged during the 14 days wash-out).

Willing to refrain the use of anti-inflammatory/pain reliever drugs such as paracetamol, NSAIDs, etc., during each supplementation phase, from 24 hours prior to 72 hours following the exercise induced muscular damage

Willing to refrain from 'recovery' treatments over the 72 hours following the damage inducing exercise such as: - Hydrotherapy - cold water immersion, hot water immersion, or contrast therapy (as well as Jacuzzis, Steam baths, or Saunas) - Massage - self, foam rolling, etc. - Stretching - Compression garments - Topical applications - Tiger Balm, Deep Heat etc.

The exclusion criteria for this trial;

Using omega-3-fatty acid, probiotic supplements, vitamins, minerals, or any dietary supplements (including botanicals), especially to maintain joint health 4 weeks prior to screening and during the entire study. Potential supplements include but are not limited to Beta-alanine, Creatine, HMB, Carnosine, Taurine, androstenedione, DHEA, Whey protein, or a pre-workout supplement. (thus, if participant is willing to stop taking these until the end of the study, they will be considered for the trial, given they are eligible).

Following any specific diet such as high-protein, vegetarian, vegan, etc

History of surgery or significant injury in joints or in the lower limb in the last six months prior to study enrolment, or an anticipated need for surgical or invasive procedure that will be performed during the study.

Participants near or in the peak of training for an athletic race (half or marathon, cycling tour or triathlon).

Please see below the details of each visit.

On completion of the study, participants will be reimbursed with €900.

Referral fees are given, and this will be a reimbursement of €20.

Interested individuals can apply via the following email – studies AT atlantiatrials DOT com


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