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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Treadmill Running - The New Fitness Trend

There was an interesting article in the Guardian recently about how running on treadmills is now the latest fitness trend in the USA.

ClassPass is a gym class subscription service based in New York that offer a variety of fitness programmes. Their fastest growing category in 2018 was basic treadmill running.

"Yes, it seems we’ve exhausted every possible exercise trend, from bikram yoga to SoulCycle, and now we’ve finally come full circle. Running is the hot new fitness trend – only this time it somehow costs lots of money."
Equinox which is a worldwide upmarket gym is reported to opening a string of treadmill only studios to cater for the demand. Their gym in Kensington, London has a membership fee of £250 per month with a £400 sign up fee!

The irony of course is that people are spending quite a lot of money doing something which can be done outdoors for free.

For the full article, have a look at the Guardian website.

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