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Thursday, February 28, 2019



Now for something different! I was sent on a film to review recently titled '7 Days - The Story of "Blind Dave" Heeley'.

The film portrays the life story of Dave Heeley, a runner who was inspired to undertake the challenge of running the “Sevens” -  seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. The only problem is that Dave is completely blind.

The film follows his progress through the seven events with flashbacks to his earlier life when he was beginning to lose his sight. It's an inspirational story of how someone battled against adversity to complete what must have seemed at the time like an impossible goal.

I found it a enjoyable film to watch and at roughly 41 minutes in length, it's just about right. It obviously doesn't have the special effects or locations used for say a Hollywood blockbuster but it does a good job of getting the story across.

"Blind Dave" Heeley seems to be a remarkable character and he has raised an incredible £3 million to date for charity.

The film website is here...

It is hoped that there will be a charity screening in the UK in mid-May as well as at some upcoming film festivals. It is hoped that it will be released online for the general public in late May or early June, via a paid link.

There is a video trailer and a radio interview below..

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