Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: End of the road for the Mealagh Valley 10 mile race?

Friday, January 06, 2017

End of the road for the Mealagh Valley 10 mile race?

Bantry AC announced yesterday that the Mealagh Valley 10 mile road race in West Cork will not take place in 2017.

As the chart shows, it was doing pretty well in the early years but like a lot of other races in West Cork, the numbers have dropped in recent years. The 2016 figure was particularly low despite the face that it was a sunny day in contrast to the rain in 2015.

Maybe it will a re-appearance again but for now, there will be nothing in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Very sad about this, its a great race in a beautiful location. Have done it every year for except for last year as I'd chosen to do John Tracy (very disappointing race) I had intended to do Mealagh 10 again this year. Its around the same distance from Cork and imo a much better race. Hopefully we'll see it again from Bantry AC.

Anonymous said...

Will miss was a great location and really well run. Fingers crossed for 2018.

Anonymous said...

Shame to see it not being run this year, always a tough but rewarding run