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Monday, January 02, 2017

Cork BHAA calendar for 2017

The Cork Business Athletics Association have just released their calendar of races for 2017 and there are plenty to choose from.

Please note that their first race of the year is in Beaumont Park next Sunday the 8th of January.

Also note that some of the dates are subject to change. A lot of things can happen over the space of a few months. Make sure you check the calendar closer to race day.


Donal said...

HI John,

Thanks for posting. Can you add that races are subject to change so not to rely on this list for the year?


Anonymous said...

Are the 4 mile races in Jan actually 4 miles or 6k or 7k as in the past? Ta.

Anonymous said...

best wishes to Cork BHAA for 2017. Easily the best value races in the county.

Unknown said...

Isn't 6k a rather odd distance ? Tis neither betwixt or between. Couldn't a few hundred meters be found to make it a 4 mile ?
Just a thought...