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Monday, January 16, 2017

Emer Casey 10k in Youghal changes to a mid-week 5k!

One of the most popular 10k races in Cork has been the Emer Casey 10k in Youghal. This was held on a Sunday in late May every year and was always well supported.

This year, it's all change! It will now be a 5km race around the streets of Youghal and  it will be held on Thursday the 6th of April 2017 at 8pm.

This will now become the first evening race on the 2017 calendar, ahead of Ballintotis.

One obvious question will be how dark will it be? Normally for a race in the countryside and starting at 8pm, mid April is about the limit as the sun sets at 8:32pm.

On the 6th of April, the sun sets at 8:16pm so it will be getting dark not long after the race starts. As the course is two and a half laps in the centre of the town, the street lighting should easily make up for any loss of daylight. 

So what are your thoughts? Did you prefer the 10k race on a Sunday in late May or would you prefer to have it as a 5k on a Thursday at the start of April?


Anonymous said...

10k was a better option,we already have plenty of 5k's. People won't travel down there for a 5k.

Unknown said...

No big deal. Its better to cater for the many rather than the few. There are more 5k fun runners than 10k'ers. Win win.

Anonymous said...

It will just become one of many other 5k's. There's plenty of them around - there's parkruns every week. Very few 10k's in comparison Personally I'd travel for a 10k - for a 5k I'd just wait until next week for one closer by. I predict a drop in numbers.

Anonymous said...

The 10K was fantastic - raised thousands and thousands for Cancer. Trojan work done.

No doubt the 5k will be well supported as well.

After all it's a great cause.

Postive people

Kenny Omega said...

5k is great Thursday is Great Evening time is great So many negative people out there
Like a previous poster said it's for a great cause and is one of the more atmospheric races and one every runner should run at least once in their lifetime