Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race...Sun 3rd Oct 2016

Monday, October 03, 2016

Results & Photos of the Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race...Sun 3rd Oct 2016

The annual Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race was held in almost perfect weather conditions with hundreds of runners taking part in bright sunshine. In total, there were 717 finishers which is pretty much in line with recent years.

If you examine the chart above, it's interesting to note the slight rise in the numbers running sub 7 minute/mile pace.

1 John Meade
2 Trevor Power
3 Frank Quinlan
1 Jill Hodgins
2 Joyce Wolfe
3 Mary Sweeney

The full results are HERE

Photos...(Updated Fri 7th Oct @13:29)
1) There are 635 photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Andy O'Rourke Photography has three small galleries...   #1  ,   #2  ,  #3
3) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE
4) Alan Cummins has a gallery HERE
5) Susan Parker Laste has about 190 photos HERE
6) Paul Condon has a gallery HERE

First 3 men...Trevor Power 2nd, John Meade 1st & Frank Quinlan 3rd

First 3 women...Jill Hodgins 1st, Joyce Wolfe 2nd & Mary Sweeney 3rd


Anonymous said...

Fair play to Cork BHAA.. Well organised event as always. Conditions were near perfect. Great Value. A very large crowd. It was a little congested at the finish. I wonder would chip timing be a good idea at this event. I know it may push the cost up but would make life easier for finishers and organisers.

Well Done Cork BHAA.

Anonymous said...

Guys for €20 entry a few bottles of water on a 15 mile run PLEASE PLEASE

Same every year with BHAA

Great work by everyone, let down by spending an extra few pence on Bottles

Only needed on Cork TO Cobh

Anonymous said...

Great event well organised but have to agree with the above comment about bottles of water instead of cup even if its about the cost maybe try get a local supermarket to sponsor them on another small note the lady who finished 3th Mary Sweeney ran in the middle of the road for the whole 15 miles had other runners shout afew times at her to come in but payed no attention and was a major obstruction to cars come in and out of Cobh its runners like this who gives running event a bad name and is a serious safely risk

John Desmond said...

The problem with water bottles is that someone has to pick them up. That road is very busy and it's not safe to have volunteers out on the road picking up bottles once the runners have gone. I wouldn't walk on the side of that road let alone stand there and try and pick up bottles between cars whizzing past.

Anonymous said...

don't think its correct for people here to be naming certain runners if they have a problem,Think you should contact the bhaa and not attack them here under an anonymous profile

Pierce de C said...

Good Point about bottles. Is there any way of looking at having water stations with bottles only where there is a wide hard shoulder/ shopping area that extends for 100m or so. I ran into 2 people at water stops- they stopped suddenly and without warning and i ran into them. Only a thought.
Love the run- great route- great stewards- great value. back next year- i hope.

Anonymous said...

Love this race. Very simple but excellently organised. Even though we are on open roads I always feel safe. As regards water I just stopped for a few seconds and drank as I walked. On previous years I tried running while drinking and it made no difference to my time.
Thanks to all at BHAA for organising it and see you next year!

Anonymous said...

as regards running in the middle of the road and the personal attack on Mary Sweeney .An experienced runner like Mary would obviously know that the race is measured on the shortest possible route and therefore would run a racing line to reflect this.Most races advise to keep to the left side of the road so as to leave one lane free for traffic to pass.But races aren't measured in the far left verge of the road so she is entitled to run the racing line.Maybe it is drivers who should be more vigilant and aware of runners on the road and wait the extra 10-15 seconds they are saving by rushing through crowds of runners.The race was approved by the Gardai and therefore in my opinion for the duration of the event runners should take priority over cars.
As for Mary she has been and continues to be an outstanding athlete and role model

Donal O'Donoghue said...

As somebody who has spent a lot of time picking up water bottles, I must say that it is so much easier to pick up paper/plastic cups. People can run on with bottles for miles. They create litter, and there is a huge effort in clearing up the mess.
I once picked up the bottles between 4 mile and 8 mile, and this took three hours.

Chip timing would typically add €2 per person to the cost of staging the event.

Note: The pre-entry fee is only €15.
The higher cost of €20 on the day is an effort to encourage people to pre-register in advance (up to 25 Sep), and get their bib posted out in advance, and avoid long registration queues on race day, and to have a chance to type-up all competitor details.

And Mary Sweeney Tut Tut !! You nearly got yourself knocked down at the Dunkettle roundabout. Lady bystanders screamed in fear. Stay on the left hand-side. The road is not closed to traffic...

Anonymous said...

well i was on side of road running,nearly got hit by cars,3 times,buses , of bikes,last half mile cars did not know ,what or where to go,so i think mary ill jog behind u next time,[if i ever work out how your so fast]only my view but i dont think there was anyone in that last half mile helping runners with cars

Anonymous said...

Road should be closed or properly marshalled.stop the unjustified personal attacks

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Very few road races are "officially closed to traffic". These would include the Cork City Marathon, Charleville Half Marathon, Ballycotton 10, and the Cork Ladies Mini Marathon.

Many other races, i.e. all of the BHAA races, including the Cork to Cobh 15 mile, and most AAI road races around Cork, depend on the cooperation of Gardaí, Stewards, motorists, etc.

Nobody should presume that just because the Gardaí are present that this implies that "the road is closed".

One unusual aspect that was pointed out to me by spectators was the low sun on the horizon in the early part of the race, especially at Dunkettle roundabout -- which affects drivers’ visibility.

The Gardaí and stewards would hold back traffic to the extent that most runners will encounter little or no traffic until they reach the Dunkettle roundabout.
However, once the last runners have passed any given point, the traffic is allowed to resume, and will in short time, catch-up and overtake the runners.

There is *no* possibility of having the road entirely closed to traffic.
The R624 from Slatty Bridge, Carrigtwohill to Belvelly Bridge, Great Island is the *only* road into Cobh.
The fastest runner would be approaching this before 10:15, and the last runners crossed Belvelly Bridge at 11:45 on Sunday.
There is no way the council would agree to close the road - even for just this 90 minutes.
We all depend on the good will of motorists to "share the road".

Given that the road is NOT closed to traffic, please do not presume "that the race is measured on the shortest possible route and therefore would run a racing line"

Perhaps we need to see the fine detail of the course measurer's map to see exactly where the runners should be at each junction ?

Pierce de C said...

Regardless of posting a good time-regardless of all anonymous posting- regardless of your views on motorists
all road users have a duty of care to all other road users- running in the middle of the road is dangerous! Try it next time you run down the marina our out the Carrigrohane road.
Why is this even a debate.?

alanoshea said...

It is a debate because it happened during a road race which was marshalled and traffic was supposed to have been controlled to allow the race to occur.Have you ever seen a road race where everyone runs on the far left hand side of the road??I haven't

Anonymous said...

I have. Lotrs of times. Some runners don't use their heads.