Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Looking ahead to the Rebel Run 10k next Sunday 16th Oct 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Looking ahead to the Rebel Run 10k next Sunday 16th Oct 2016

The big race in Cork next weekend is the Rebel Run 10k and 5k in Cork City.

First off, the weather forecast. There is a low pressure system over the country for the weekend and the rain will never be too far away. For Sunday morning, it's hard to tell with any degree of certainty if it will be wet or dry. Just prepare for some damp conditions and hope for the best.

There will also be a special prize for the 42nd person in the 5k race as outlined below...

Courses......The 10k  can be seen HERE and the 5k HERE

The race is organised is association with Cork Sports Partnership and their race website is HERE

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weerunaz1 said...

Hi Folks I am going to be pacing the 10k race to get in just slightly under 60 minutes(59 minutes and something). For anyone who hasn't used a pacer before you'll see me as I will be marked with a balloon and the time written on it. This means I will run the race at even pace of 9:37 minutes per mile or a 5:58 minutes per Kilometre. Not any faster not any slower. People normally run with pacers for two main reasons (1) not to go out too quickly at the start and burn themselves out or (2)In order to run an even race and finish within the pacers time, in this case sub 60 mins. Whatever suits the option is there for you guys. Best of luck all and have a great race ������

Ed Fitz