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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

85 year old Ed Whitlock sets new marathon record for age

At the Toronto marathon in Canada last Sunday, 85 year old Ed Whitlock set a new record for the 85-89 age group when he completed the 26.2 mile course in a time of 3h 56m 33s. This was over 30 minutes faster than the previous record of 4h 34m 55s which was set back in 2004.

This now adds to the multitude of age related records that he now holds over various distances. He is also no stranger to running fast times having completed a marathon in 2h 54m at the sprightly age of 73, a record which still stands to this day.

In an interview on Monday, he revealed a few interesting facts....

1) His running shoes are about 20 years old...."I wear them well past their due date. I'm not a fan of the current shoe design, and I have a small supply of this particular model of shoe."

2) Tough on the legs...."My legs are shot today. I seemed to be OK yesterday after the marathon, walking around and that sort of thing, but rigor mortis has set in now."

3) Planning for the next marathon...."It depends how my training goes. One never knows when one has run one's last race, and I'll keep running as long as I can."

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