Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Resutls & Photos of the Cork City Sports...Tues 7th July 2015

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Resutls & Photos of the Cork City Sports...Tues 7th July 2015

The annual Cork City Sports was held on Tuesday the 7th of July. The meet video can be seen below....

00:00-28 mins...Juvenile events
Junior Women 1500m...42 mins .......only two taking part which was pretty disappointing.
Junior Men 1500m...48 mins ....huge field by contrast.
Men 5000m walk...57 mins
Women 100m...1h 18m
Men 100m...1h 29m
Men 400m hurdles...1h 45m
Women 3000m...2h 08m
Men 800m...2h 24m
Men's mile...2h 30m
Women's 100m hurdles...2h 45m
Women's 800m...2h 48m
Women's 200m...2h 56m
Men 200m...3h 07m
Men 3000m...3h 21m
Men's Open 3000m...3h 31m...Race for Irish club athletes

The results can be seen HERE

Photos.........(updated Thurs 9th 11am)
1) There are 190 photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE 
2) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a gallery of photos HERE 
3) Graham Nudds has a gallery of photos HERE 
4) Gearóid Ó Laoi has a gallery of photos HERE 
5) Grianghraf Media has a gallery HERE 
6) Martin Collins has an album HERE
7) Der O'Donovan has a number of albums... #1 ... #2 ... #3 ... #4


Anonymous said...

Event declines in standard year on year.

Sad very hard to bring the glory days back.

Anonymous said...

Shocking first post

What a standard of athlete tonight

well done to everyone involved - fantastic event as always in Cork

Graham said...

Sub 4 min mile....terrible standard, worst I've seen!
Great meet again this year. Good sized crowd and plenty of good talented athletes with a variety of disciplines on show. Might possibly benefit from an Open Women's 3k or 1500 also.

Will continue to support again next year.

Anonymous said...

Live coverage was very decent in fairness though on the plus side.

Anonymous said...

Based on the fact this comment was posted 4 mins before the 1st track event and the first field event only started at 6?????

Anonymous said...

Well first event had 2 runners in the junior women's 1500m so maybe that's why he posted.if there aren't at least 3 event should be cut.also the standard of athlete is declining in comparison to other years.before world records were set and the standard was world class.there were world class athletes competing last night but depth was not as before.Also I think it should be held in the Mardyke.Setting atmosphere and track is much better and it is the home of the sports.Since it has moved to CIT the atmosphere gets worse every year.I agree that video coverage is very good.

Anonymous said...

I think that first point was misinterpreted in fairness to the person.
It's a great event and fantastic to get to see high quality athletes competing in Cork. I assume that persons point was that the current athletes it attracts are not as high level as they were in the past - surly there is no denying that fact???
No stand in the Mardyke to facilitate it is a problem with moving it back there no?

Anyway great event and long may it continue!!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. You cannot hold a professional event in the mardyke for a number of reasons. There is no stand. What if it rains? What about throwing events? Parking? CIT has far better facilities for the athletes. And the track itself is faster.

There are zero races held in the Mardyke all year.

I thought the event was a tremendous success.

Anonymous said...

City sports never going to attract the elite athletes because of fee,s they demand. Still though it was a pretty standard and some entertaining races.Happy days back in 70,s and 80,s at the Mardyke, John Walker, Steve Ovett, Steve Scott, Eamon Coughlan to name but a few.Our own Sonia and Marcus O Sullivan and Mark Carroll (best ever Irish distance runner) ran the sports in the early/mid 90,s.Talent at that level just not there at present.

Anonymous said...

If it rains bring an umbrella!!There is enough parking around the Mardyke.I disagree that the track is faster.I think with the amount of people the city sports attracts now a much better atmosphere could be created in the mardyke.There is a shot putt long jump and high jump area in the mardyke too!!I know nothing is held in the mardyke and that is such a pity as in my opinion the setting by the river and all the facilities on site are top class. How can you say CIT has better facilities for athletes when you have a 200m indoor track 2 pitches dressing rooms next to the track a heat pool and a large indoor hall available within 50-100m!!