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Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Cork BHAA....circa 1993

1993....An era before websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, e-mail and all of the other stuff that we take for granted now. Back in those days, the only way to get the word out about a race was via print be it in newspapers, race flyers or in magazines.

In 1993, the Cork BHAA was just 14 years old. Looking back from 2014, that was 21 years ago and it's still going strong.

This was an advert that they used back in 1993 to attract new runners to their race series. The numbers have changed, most of the faces have changed but it still follows the same format...a good race with a very modest entry fee with a cuppa and chat afterwards.

The photo at the top by the way shows the start of the 15 mile Cork to Cobh race. Possibly 1992? but it may have been earlier.


Unknown said...

Brings back many good memories, when I
I see myself on the front line. Well done to Cork BHAA still going strong as we get older. Keep up the good work. John Robinson

Anonymous said...

As a non Cork Person working in Cork i'm amazed by the amount of well organised races/fun run etc in Cork city and county. There is such a selection of quality races organised every week and few better than the races organised by the BHAA. Really are lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers making these such a success. Congrats to Kevin and the rest of the Cork BHAA.

Anonymous said...

God that's and awful tease for an athlete,showing a picture at the start of a race, any chance of location and results (i see a very youthful joe Murphy checking out the opposition he may assit)
Yours in sport
Michael d

Anonymous said...

Love to know what race that was? Results also would be interesting. Any chance there is any more photos and results from 1992/93?

John Desmond said...

Just to clarify. This appeared in a book that was published in 1993. The photo was taken probably in 1992 at the latest and may have been earlier.

I have no idea where it is though.

John Desmond said...

I just realised where it is. It's the start of the Cork to Cobh 15 mile race.

It is taken on the Lower Glanmire Road. The buildings on the left are...Shandon Boat Club with the ESB power station behind it and in the distance is the R&H Hall grain silo.