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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dry-Fit top for the Dingle Marathon...Sat 6th Sept 2014

The Dingle Marathon is coming up on Saturday the 6th of September and there are a choice of 3 courses...half (13.1 miles), full (26.2 miles) and ultra (50 miles).

This is the dry fit top that will be given out at the finish line...

The full and ultra will have different colours....see below. The main advantage of this particular top compared to others is the fact that it's long sleeved. The majority of dry fit tops given out at races are short sleeved which tend to be fine if worn in mild weather. In the middle of winter when it's a few degrees above zero, the long sleeve top comes into it's own. If you're out for a long run in cold weather, your arms generally aren't doing much work and your hands can get very cold. I know myself that during the Winter and Spring, all my long sleeve tops are in constant use whereas I have an assortment of short sleeve ones buried away in a drawer that I have never worn.

As a location, the whole Dingle peninsula is a stunning area especially for anyone who wants to make a weekend away out of it. One of the best websites to find out about local attractions and where to stay is

You can find out more about entries on the race website...

There is also more info including a preview of the course in this earlier post.

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