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Friday, August 15, 2014

Live updates of Rob Heffernan in the 50k race walk at the Euro Championships

For those of you who can't follow the coverage on TV, I'll have updates here.....just click refresh  / reload

2km.....Rob just 4 secs behind a breakaway group of two Russians
8:17am....At 4km, Rob in 6th and 18s behind leaders.
8:27am....At 6km, Rob is in a group of 3 and 14s behind leaders

8:36am...At 8km, Rob is 20s behind.
8:45am...At 10k, Rob is 24s behind in 4th and is now at the front of the chasing pack of 3. Brendan Boyce went through 10k at 46:25.

8:54am...Diniz of France now in front and splits the Russians. Rob in 4th and now on his own chasing the front pack.
8:58am...Rob 26s behind Russian in 3rd.
9:02am...14km mark. Rob 33s behind leader. 26s behind Russian in 3rd. Raining hard, 14 deg C.
9:14am...16km mar, Rob is 35s behind Diniz of France in the lead.
9:19am...18km mark...Rob is 32 sec behind Diniz and Ryzhov but now only 16 seconds behind the Russian Noskov in 3rd. Raining cats and dogs. Diniz putting an ice pack on his hip...feeling the pressure?
9:24am...Rob now only about 6s behind Russian in 3rd. Should catch him soon.
9:28am...20km...Rob has caught the Russian in 3rd. Now 26s behind leaders....reduced the margin by 6s in the last 2k. Brendan Boyce goes through in 21st place in 1:32:44.

9:50am...Rob in 3rd place with the Russian. Gap to two leaders is now 49s. Early days yet.
9:54am...26km...Slovak athlete now joins Rob's group so now 3 in the chasing pack. 58s gap to leaders. Brendan in 21st in 2h15m. From former Irish racewalker Colin Griffin..."Remember a 50km race doesn't start until 35km! Diniz racing erratically - 4.12 last 1km split. Burning a lot of fuel!""
10:06am...28km...Rob's group 1m20s behind the two leaders. Leaders pace is 3h35m for 50k. Very fast...too fast? Rob slightly detached by a few metres from the second group.

 10:15am...30 kms...Rob in 5th....13s outside medals....Brendan Boyce in 21st in 2:18:49.

10:32am....Rob now in 6th place, over 2 mins down on leaders. 30s behind bronze spot. Rob is doing 3h39m pace, leaders 3:35....

10:40am....Rob fading. Still in 6th but 4m 15 behind leaders and 2 mins behind bronze. Had to stop at the water station at 37kms to stretch.

10:58am..........Rob is out of the competition. He had to withdraw just before the 40km point.

11:11am...Brendan Boyce went through 40 km mark in 17th place.

Post race interview with Rob...

Yohann Diniz from France wins in a new world record time of 3:32:33. He went through the marathon mark in under 3 hours!

Brendan Boyce finishes in 16th place in a new personal best time of 3h 51m 34s. That's a big improvement on his previous best of 3:54:24 which he set in the World Championships in Moscow in 2013.

Full results, interviews and schedule in this post.

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