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Monday, May 12, 2014

Review of the 2013 Cork Graded Track & Field League by Fergus O'Donovan

The Cork Graded Track & Field League was first started in 2011 and is now in its fourth year. With John Buckley Sports as the series sponsor, the league has been successful in introducing more track and field competitions to a wider audience as well as giving existing T&F athletes more opportunities to compete.

One of the main people behind the series has been Fergus O'Donovan of St.Finbarr's AC. He has produced a report on the 2013 series and it can be seen below...

Review of the 2013 Cork Graded League by Fergus O'Donovan.....The statistics for the 2013 season show a positive trend. We maintained 8 meetings -- all evenings as against 4 evenings and 4 afternoons in 2012.

26 Cork clubs took part versus 19 in 2012 - an increase of 7
464 Cork athletes versus 319 in 2012 - an increase of 145
58 Cork average per meet versus 39.9 in 2012 - an increase of 18
28 Non Cork clubs versus 29 in 2012 - a decrease of 1
74 Non Cork athletes versus 97 in 2012 - a decrease of 23
9.5 Non Cork average per meet v. 12.1 in 2012 - a decrease of 2.6
538 Total athletes versus 416 in 2012 - an increase of 122

While the small decrease in the Non-Cork athletes is not welcome and invites investigation and remedy, it does not affect our primary target of providing competition for Cork athletes.

Number of competitions over 8 meetings:
2013: 56 (all evening meetings) // 2012: 57 (4 evening, 4 afternoons)
2013:  6 no show s (TJ 2,PV 3,WSC 1) // 2012: 13 no shows
 Nett 50 : 44

The lower nunber of 'no shows' was good but 3 competitions were saved from being 'no shows' by just one competitor. 'No shows' will require special attention and remedies but should demand pre-entry especially Pole Vault and Steeplechase which require preparation. Should this also apply to hurdles?

I noted that on 62 occasions (36 in 2012) Cork athletes competed as the only member of their club at the meeting. If only they could bring a club mate!

Average Athletes per event in 2013 were up considerably in almost every event. Total no shows in Triple Jump, pole vault and Water Steeple Chase were worse than the low turnout in 2012.

1 mile average of 2 was slightly lower than 2012, but combining 1500m and 1mile, average was up by 9 and is also the highest of any of the events. Some asked for more 1500m even at expense of 1mile. Since Mile/1500 is the most popular followed by 800m could we include both on the one programme?

Standards in most events were up on or close to 2012. Track events, 200m, 400m, 800m & 3000m had more higher performances in 2012 so perhaps our top athletes could be encouraged to include some of the League meetings in their season. Perhaps we should increase the number of prizes for single best performances from 1 to 3?

I am including draft results for the 2013 awards for checking by Ian and any other sub-committee members. I assume that our income for the year exceeds our expenses and that was never my intention. We should plough back any surplus and perhaps a good bit more if it can grow Track & Field in Cork. My plan would be to promise a reward (e.g. a sports goods voucher or even money) for anyone achieving a P.B. The mechanics of establishing P.B.s for the Leagues has yet to be confirmed. P.B. certs. might be more popular than the performance certs. Lower in number they would be less trouble to produce and distribute.

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