Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Emer Casey Memorial 10k road race...Sun 18th May 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Results of the Emer Casey Memorial 10k road race...Sun 18th May 2014

A record 570 runners turned out for this years Emer Casey 10k race in Youghal, an increase of nearly 6% on last years numbers.

1 32:25    MCGRATH, Sean    East Cork AC    M    05:12.9
2 33:00    SMITH, Danny    Ballynonty AC    M    05:18.5
3 34:16    CANAVAN, Darragh    Leevale AC    M    05:30.8
23 37:11    HOLLAND, Ann-Marie  St. Finbarrs AC  F35  05:58.9
34 38:26    WOLFE, Joyce    Leevale AC    F35    06:11.0
38 38:58    LEONARD, Helen    Leevale AC    F40    06:16.1

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery of 200+ photos HERE 
2) Dave O'Brien Photography has a gallery on Facebook HERE (no log in required) 



Anonymous said...

Very well organized race, easy registration, plenty of parking, loads of marshals, v nice t-shirt included, water on course (thou not really needed for a 10K), water and bananas after finish and then a huge spread back at the hall, possibly one of the best, so many cakes hmmmm

Anyone else find the course long and markers not in correct place? Understand there is always a certain margin of error with the Garmins but in our group none of our watches were going off anywhere near the markers and race registered as 10.1KM. Normally for a 10K, mine would register 10.02 or 10.03.

Still ran a PB so happy out. Well done all.

Anonymous said...

great run, really enjoyed the route. the first water station could have been sooner than over the 4 mile mark. had to weave around some walkers as for some reason the were allowed to start with the running group. agree about the distance of the route as our watch said 6.32 miles so im taking 2 minutes off the time registered. well done to all who took part.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the weaving explains the 6.32 miles

Anonymous said...

2 mins is a bit generous!!!you don't really need water in a race less than 70 mins.look up IAAF rules on how races are measured.If the race measured 10.02 it is around a 400m track and measure it with your garmin!see how accurate it is then

John Desmond said...

The course was properly measured by a Jones Counter.

Running through narrow streets with tall buildings on both sides and then taking sharp corners is going to make a mess of GPS readings.

Anonymous said...

The markers were def off.took me 58 seconds to get from the 3mile mark to the 5k mark and i was doin 5.30per mile so it should have only being 36seconds apart.thats using a normal stop watch.besides that great run and well organised race and def well worth supporting the cause

Anonymous said...

A great cause, and as usual, there was a great atmosphere surrounding the race.
1 word to the organisers - please keep this years new route for next years race - so much better than the old route !!!

John Kissane said...

Really nice event, well organised & obviously well catered afterwards with some amount of food available! The new route is almost too easy :)

Being able to grab a shower before heading home was a bonus.