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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sean Tobin of Clonmel AC breaks 4 min mile

This piece of news was from last weekend, the 16th of February 2014. Sean Tobin of Clonmel AC became the 39th Irishman to break the 4 minute barrier for the mile. Competing at the Husky Classic in Seattle Washington for the University of Mississippi, Sean Tobin won section 4 of the mile in a time of 3:59.91.

Section  4 
  1 Tobin, Sean                  Mississippi            3:59.91 
  2 Poland, Ryan                 Portland               4:01.28 
  3 Greenwald, Jeremy            Georgia Tech           4:01.90 
  4 Clowes, Matthew              Concordia (O           4:03.78 
  5 Carr, Curtis                 BYU                    4:04.28 
  6 Warren, Trent                Unattached             4:04.43 
  7 Winn, Daniel                 Oregon                 4:04.44 
  8 Willyard, Brett              Oregon                 4:05.81 
  9 Tate, Mike                   Southern Uta           4:05.87 
 10 Perry, David                 Portland               4:05.97 
 11 Locklear, Jordan             California             4:06.27 
 12 Fauble, Scott                Portland               4:07.54 
 13 Fuller, Travis               BYU                    4:07.93 
 14 Bolin, Dominic               Unattached             4:11.72 
 15 Soucy, Drew                  Unattached             4:12.18

Post race interview here (note that it's followed by an 11 minute advert. Press pause after the interview)

This is the race video. Sean runs behind the pace setter for the first two laps and goes through the half-way point in about 2:01. He then has to do an almost solo run to finish under 4 minutes. Impressive running.

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