Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA Board Gais 5k race...Sun 10th Mar 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Results of the Cork BHAA Board Gais 5k race...Sun 10th Mar 2013

Pos Name Cat Prize Time Company Team
1 John Meade 16:00 Joyce Wolfe Physiotherapy
2 Wieslaw Sosnowski 0/40A 16:05 Sosnowski
3 Danny Smith 16:36 Team Adidas
38 Michelle Kenny 19:09 Dept of Education 
40 Carmel Parnell 0/55 19:17 Cork Shops
70 Elaine Guinane 0/35 20:30 Dept of Education 

The full results can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

What I noticed there was that a girl who finished 3rd was skipped and the girl who came 4th got given the 3rd female position.

I know this has been brought up in the past but the fact someone isnt registered with the BHAA means that he/she is not eligible for a prize.
Surely if someone pays the 8e that means he/she deserves a prize if he/she has earned it

John Desmond said...

I think when the BHAA started out, the idea was that it was to be an inter-firm competition. As such, prizes were given to registered runners.

The current prize structure still reflects that. It would probably involve a huge overhaul of the system to track all of the non-reg runners. It's easy enough to pick out the first few men and women but what about all the categories? 2nd M40, 3rd F35 and so on?

At the end of the day, it's up to the BHAA but it's probably easier said than done.

Daniel said...

You're spot on there id day John. The added complication of taking every runners age and sex would make registration a nightmare I'd imagine. The BHAA have done well enough this year to speed up registration and results, but I think adding the non-reg runners to the prizes might be a step too far.

I imagine the lady in question was given a spot prize, as is their past customer for non-reg winners?

Anonymous said...

Great point on the registration nightmares on the day of the race it would be a clerical disaster waiting to happen . But surely there should be a prize category for non reg runners also . In fairness 8 euro just to make up the numbers is a bit discriminating on the lady in question , think she got a bit of a raw deal .

Anonymous said...

Should they not change it that when you pay extra,€8, you could win a prize and only €5 for non reg athletes who are not entitled to a prize.

Anonymous said...

What's fairness or eligibility got to do with it? The long and short of it is that the BHAA have come up with a set of rules and by entering one of their races you agree to go along with them.

The woman in question has no cause to feel hard done by. I remember a recent BHAA race where the overall winner was not registered and so did not receive the first prize.

You could complain about it and hope they'll change their rules at some point in the future or just register before running your race.