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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Woman in US sets a new indoor Marathon record of 2:57

In Minnesota in the US recently, Nichole Porath set a new world record for a Marathon indoors. Running 150 laps of a 282 metre indoor track, she covered the 16.2 miles in a time of 2h 57m 34s. This was the first time any woman has actually run a sub 3 hour Marathon indoors. In fact, she was almost six minutes faster than then first male runner in the race. The previous record was 3h 08m 53s which was set in 2012 by Melissa Gilette in Indiana, USA.

The course wasn't without it's problems though. Between the runners reversing direction every 30 minutes and having to run four very tight corners per lap, blisters were a real problem.

As many of you will note however, the time of 2:57 is still a long, long way short of Paula Radcliffe's outdoor Marathon record of 2:15. The reason?.....Nichole Porath probably sums it up best when she said..."I must take the time for a brief aside to mention that I know this is an obsure world record, and I in NO way think that I am a world class runner. I am just merely the fastest crazy woman to run an indoor marathon!"

There you go, a fast crazy woman........but you just know it's only a matter of time before the record is broken again.

Perath's best time outdoors is 2:44 which she did in the US Olympic trial in January of 2012.

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