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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Notice for the 'Run for Mark in the Dark' charity run - Wed 16th Nov 2011

This charity race is coming up on Wednesday evening the 16th of November at 7:30pm with similar races in Dublin, Belfast and Galway starting at the same time. The Cork race will be held on the Centre Park Rd / Road circuit with a choice of 2 laps (5 kms) or 4 laps (10 kms).
The purpose of the race is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of Mark Pollock who was injured in an accident in 2010.

This is Mark's story.....
For over a decade Mark Pollock was known as an inspiration, an adventure athlete competing in the world’s harshest environments despite being completely blind.
In mid-2010, Mark’s business was thriving with a full calendar of motivational speaking events ahead. He was in the process of writing his second book and he was due to be married.

On the night of the 2nd of July 2010 everything changed. He fell from a second story window fracturing his skull, some ribs and breaking his back in a number of places. Mark was taken to intensive care where injuries such as bleeds on his brain and a suspected torn aorta one by one healed becoming less and less significant beside the fact that Mark could not feel or move anything below his belly button. An MRI confirmed damage to his spinal cord where two of his vertebrae had burst in the fall. Mark was transferred to the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville in England, where spinal surgeons stabilized the bones in his spine with metal rods.

Mark spent 7 months suffering an onslaught of kidney and heart infections, which brought weeks of temperatures and pain and a 3 stone weight loss. Mark’s bones eventually healed but medicine can do nothing to repair a damaged spinal cord and Mark was discharged to The National Rehabilitation Hospital in Ireland in February 2011.

To pre-enter and for more information, you should visit this website....

Registration will take place in The Clarion Hotel, Lapps Quay from 5pm -7pm on the night. More details in the pre-race preview.

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