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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Poll...How much do you spend on running?

I came across a poll recently from an American magazine where they asked people how much they spent each year on running? This includes shoes, gear, race entries and travel.

This was the result....

21%: More than $1,000
9%: $750 to $999
19%: $500 to $749
28%: $250 to $499
19%: $100 to $249
3%: Less than $100

So what about on this side of the water? Give it some thought and take part in the poll on the right hand side of this page.


Anonymous said...

6 Shoes €600
Clothes €300
Race Entries €150
Expensive Hobby.
If injured very expensive hobby.

Anonymous said...

6 pairs of shoes per annum for poster number one? Are you an ultra-runner? Jaysus! ;-)

Joe Coffey said...

first year of running completed.have spent about 300 on runners since a couple pairs didn't really suit for events but can be worn for training.the same goes for vests,jackets,shorts ,socks etc probably 200 euros spent. these items should last many years if washed correctly.spent probably 250 euros on events .won back 140 euros cash alone so that helps

Anonymous said...

only started this year

2 pair of shoes,€180
race entries € 200 ish
cloths €120
travel + Hotels €300 maybe

for next year i think race entries will probably be the biggest.

Doing the DCM this year definately cost me over €250 all in with hotels petrol and race entry.

Anonymous said...

2 Shoes €184
Clothing €100
Races €300
Joy of crossing the finish line in my first marathon priceless!!!