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Monday, November 21, 2011

Category results of the Cork BHAA Mount Oval 6 mile...Sun 20th Nov 2011

Somewhere around 200 runners turned out for this 6 mile race near Rochestown to the south of Cork City. Starting and finishing in the residential area of Mount Oval, the race followed a hilly route to the south taking in some quiet and some busy roads. Appearently there was a problem with lack of stewards at one road junction ~4.5 miles which resulted in some runners going the wrong way which wasn't great.

The category results are below. The full results are now HERE.

Leading group around the 1 mile mark...
Photos......(Updated 8:30am Tues 22nd Nov)
Maggie Chojan has a slideshow HERE

Ian Dorgan has a slideshow HERE

Men...1) 32:43 Shane Coffey, Deloitte. 2) 33:04 John Meade, Joyce Wolfe Physio. -) 32:13 Con Marshall (non-reg). 3rd reg) 33:36 Cillian O'Tuama, Arris
M40...1) John Malone, Quality Hotels. 2) John Dunphy, Flexible Connectors. 3) Sean O'Sullivan, ESB
M45...1) Mark Bickerdyke, Blarney School of Motoring. 2) John Cashman, Midleton News. 3) Eddie Byrne, IPS
M50...1) Andrew Geany, Apple Computer, 2) Eamonn Murphy, St. Patricks College. 3) Mossie Shanahan, Sisks
M55...1) Tony Huff, Team Adidas, 2) Dan Kennedy, DMP, 3) Dan Horgan, Midleton UDC
M60...1) Jimmy Murray, HSE, 2) Paddy Joyce, Mallow
M65...1) Paddy Daly, Army, 2) Billy Caball, BHAA
M70...1) John O'Leary, Bookdeal
Mens Teams
Grade A...1)  51 IPS, 2)  -- no second, 3)  -- no third
Grade B...1)  82 Midleton News, 2)  99 ESB, 3) 102 EMC
Grade C...1) 154 Pfizer, 2) 156 Sisk Builders, 3) 172 UCC

Ladies...1) 40:32 Geraldine O'Shea, Cork County Council (F40), 2) 42:48 Orla Crosbie, HSE, 3) 43:06 Gillian Cotter, UCC, 4) 44:02 Elaine Guinane, Dept of Ed
F35...1) Theresa Crowley, 2) Michelle Leighton, Angela Walsh Properties
F40...There were no prize winners in the F40 category
F45...1) Mary O'Keeffe, Midleton News, 2) Kitty Harrington Buckley, HSE, 3) Marie Creedon, CSO
F50...1) Frances O'Connor, Dept of Ed, 2) Margaret Rohan, Midleton News, 3) Joan McCarthy, BOI
F55...There were no prize winners in the F55 category
F60...1) Mary Linehan, Linehans
F65...1) Maggie Dunne, Avondhu Motors Factors
Ladies Teams
Grade A...1)   9 Dept Ed, 2)  12 HSE
Grade B...1)  21 Midleton News, 2)  31 BOI


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
There was no lack of stewards at 4.5 miles. Two women were posted there to direct runners to the right. They left a group of 10-15 runners, including myslelf and the 1st lady, go straight on without any indication otherwise. I looked at them to check, because a small painted arrow indicated to the right but they made no attempt to direct me and I kept after the runners ahead. We ran into heavy traffic on Maryborough Hill and after a mile and a half gave up and turned back.

Anonymous said...


I was gutted about the race Sunday. Having gone through the opening 4.5 miles, I was pacing with leading lady and we ended up right down at Douglas round about. Its one thing if it was just the 3 of us, but about 12 more runners followed on from the sharp turn right which we missed. The BHAA need to get their act together, race was late starting as there was confusion on agreed start time.(no profile any where about route) They need to invest in proper results system so we are not waiting up to two weeks for full results. The officials admitted to me after that all the experienced stewards stayed within the estate. After running such a hard race really gut wrenching to be left with nothing. Frustrated!!

Anonymous said...

Ah crap! I live in Mount Oval and didn't even hear about it until now. Would have loved to do it. What was the course?

Anonymous said...

Hi John.

Running towards those two stewards at approx 4.5 miles i could clearly see marked on the road, (Road Race)and an arrow to turn right,but seeing that runners ahead of me had gone straight on i got confused and shouted to those two stewards which direction do i go and they told me to go right so i did and i was on the correct route,i feel so sorry for those runners that went the wrong way after running a tough race up to that point,i've never seen this happen before in a BHAA event as all the their events are very well organised.

John Dunphy.

Anonymous said...

any chance of the BHAA organising a 5/6 mile in the northside of cork city- plenty of challenging routes to choose from- definite southside city bias evident in the picking of races ;-) seriously tho it would be great - the glen mayfield blackpool?

Donal O'Donoghue said...

I thought this was a good race, and would certainly run again next year.

Take a look at the route :-

The junction in question is off Maryborough Hill, at approx 4.5 miles, or 7km.

I went back to look at this junction after the results.
There were two signs painted on the road.
Both were to the left of the centre line.
If you were running along the right-hand side of the road, you would probably would not notice these signs.
If there were any cars at all near you at that point, your eyes would be on the cars, not on the road surface.

There were Stewards at the junction, but there were off the main road.
It was not clear as I approached, whether they were at the junction to warn drivers coming out of the side road, or that this was a change of direction for the runners.
As I approached, they were certainly not waving at the runners, or giving any indications that this was a turn.

I turned right, simply because all the runners in front of me turned right. I just followed the leader.
However, if a gap of as little as 50 meters developed in front of you, you could lose sight of the runners in front, and fail to realize that you need to turn right.

Perhaps, in addition to the stewards, and signs painted on road, either some traffic cones, or big plastic sign saying "Runners: turn right"

Also perhaps the BHAA could display a course map at the registration area ?

Q: Where were all the F40 ladies and the F55 ladies ??? No prizes awarded in those categories, because nobody turned up !!!

@Comment #1 You saw the signs on the road, but you did not believe ?

@Comment #2 Delay in Full results ? The Cork BHAA AGM takes place on Thursday 24th November at 8pm, at the Orchard Bar Ballinlough. Go along and raise the issue.

Anonymous said...

I was also in the group that took the wrong route and ended up near Douglas. The stewarding was excellent up to that point where the two ladies should have directed us right. Instead they were 50m ahead of the turnoff and made no attempt to tell us we had gone wrong or stop the many more behind us. There was alot of traffic at the time so I missed the arrow sign. On our return the ladies were now at the junction & in the middle of the road which made much more sense.It was a pity because it was a lovely venue & the food was fab after. I have ran many BHAA races & the stewarding has always been excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donal,
Let's be clear, the issue was with the two stewards at 4.5 only. Had there been no stewards, I believe nobody would have gone wrong, the arrows were perhaps a little small but I would have followed them in the absence of any other direction. Runners always follow stewards direction in the first instance.
What rubbed salt into the wound was that these two women tried to justify themselves when we arrived back to the top of the hill, saying they had told us to go right. They made no effort to do so. I've stewarded myself and as any runner knows the vital thing is that the runners are clearly shown the route. To fall down in this is a very, very basic error.
I have no other issue with the race, the course was great and it's nice to see another good one in the city. Was left with a very sour taste in the the mouth, however.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the map Donal.

Anonymous said...

in regard to the northside areas and companies sponsoring them why don't the BHAA ask them? i see many a runner training for marathons running along the commons road, glen, north ring road, ballyvolane etc. no more hilly than any other part of the city. often thought that a loop run from shandon steeple down shandon street-popes quay-coburg st-blackpool and back to shandon would be pretty spectutular- call it the great northside run.if anything it would promote running in the city a bit more. i think the bhaa have a sensitivity to criticism which leads them to get a bit defensive.i thought the work they do is very good

Anonymous said...

If there was a race preview somewhere on the interenet with maps & photos it might have helped.
Maybe they should invest in some marketing. Its worth it in the end.

John Desmond said...

Just a quick note to say that the Cork BHAA AGM will be held next Thursday 24th November at 8pm, at The Orchard Bar Ballinlough.

If anyone has any issues, suggestions, offers of help, etc regarding the BHAA then that is the place to air them.

Anonymous said...

Have to say the BHAA do a great job but a northside run would be great. It's worth joing for the CorkCobh race alone

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Regarding Northside races, one of the BHAA events back in the early 90's was a Quigley 4 mile race which was ran on the North Ring Road / Barnavara Road Loop (2 laps if I can recall). Could be best described as a rolling course.
Another race recently promoted was the North Mon 5K up in Gurranabraher.
Dont forget that the Glanmire Race, FMC 4 Miler, Cork to Cobh, UCC 10K, Cork City Marathon are on (or part of) the Northside of the city!!

Anonymous said...

Regards areas of running in cork city, flatter courses are more popular and it mainly depends on sponsorship too, sadly not too many northside compaines have done this in the last few years,and regards bias to southside, two course are used, the ptaa in togher which have been used for many years now and the tried and tested marina route,that many a shoe has worn out.But if you are working somewhere that is willing to put forward a suggestion to the bhaa.

As regards results,remember this is all done on a voluntary basis, it takes time and with so many different groups to sort out it cant be done by programme,every runner is at a different level and it takes time to add it up.
Finally many hands make light work, if you choose not to run a race and want to help contact the BHAA.

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
With regard to last Sunday's race, Three people one woman and two men complained (officially)to Committee members at the finish line,the matter was dealth with in so far as it could be death with and an announcement/apology wa made at the prizegiving after the event. yours in sport
on behalf of
Cork Business Houses Athelics Assocciaton

Mary said...

Just wanted to sat that when i said "Thank you " to the two stewards at the 4.5 mile,it was a genuine Thank you, as i was unaware of any issue at the time. Having stewarted at a number of races it can be a thankless task.

Anonymous said...

Hi John have you any idea when race results will be available for the Mount Oval 6 thanks

John Desmond said...

The full BHAA results usually take about a week to appear.