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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Category results of the Cork BHAA Glanmire 4 mile - Wed 14th June 2011

The Cork BHAA race this year in Glanmire took place over a shortened 4 mile ciruit rather than the usual 5 miles. Despite a bright start to the day, the mist and drizzle had rolled in by 8pm.

Photos..........A large slideshow of photos by Doug Minihane in dull & overcast conditions HERE

Male Overall...1) Alan O'Shea, 2) Kevin Wilmot, 3) Roy Fahy
Note: 2nd overall was actually Peter Fennell, but he was not BHAA registered

M40 1) Mark McMahon, 2) Paddy Murphy, 3) Conor O'Herlihy
M45 1) Stanislaw Byczek, 2) John Cashman, 3) Edwin Sutton
M50 1) Ted O'Flynn ,2) Michael McGrath, 3) Denis O'Shea
M55 1) Pat O'Mahony 2) Willie Hayes, 3) William O'Riordan
M60 1) Pat Twomey, 2) John Holland, M65) Paddy Daly M70) John O'Leary,
Teams -
Grade A - Men - 1) 70 Army, 2) 71 Midleton News, 3) 82 UCC
Grade B - Men - 1) 107 Avondhu, 2) 111 Flexible Connectors, 3) 150 Cork City Council
Grade C - Men - 1) 114 Cork Garda, 2) 143 Musgraves, 3) 150 Cork County Council
1) Rhona Lynch, 2) Sinead NiChonchuir, 3) Ann Donnelly

F40 1) Breda Cahill, 2) Assumpta Barry, 3) Mary Histon de Barra
F45 1) Sally Drennan, 2) Eileen Buckley, 3) Mary O'Keeffe
F50 1) Frances O'Connor, 2) Christine Murphy, 3) Catherine Linehan
F55 Marion Lyons, F60 Margaret Barry,
Grade A - Ladies - 1)  6 Colour Is Magic, 2) 14 Cork Shops
Grade B - Ladies - 1) 39 Cork Garda, 2) 62 Pfizers

The full results are now available HERE

....with thanks to Donal O'Donoghue for the results


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the race. What I didn't enjoy was the long wait in the finish area waiting for our numbers to be written down. We were getting cold and it was very disorganised

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed the race. The only blip was the young boy racers in the souped up white car who went past us way too fast around 3 miles (I was around the 7 minute pace). Absolute idiots who could have injured us or spectators especially seeing as the conditions were wet and slippy. Did not get their registration unfortunately! Did give a good shout at them to slow down though seeing as their window was open. Apart from that a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to all involved in the organisation.

Tim McCarthy said...

I thought the race was well organised with plenty of stewards and the longer single Shute off the road will hopefully have helped with the recording of the results. With a busy place like Glanmire on a week evening there is always going to be a problem with traffic but if there was a Garda at the lights people might not have been held up for so long and the race might have started on time. And finally well done to all the supporters who stood out in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the race. Plenty of stewards out on the course but seemed to be confusion at the start line with not enough co-ordination of traffic. Also the queues at registration were disappointing, especially those queueing outside in the rain. We are all advised to get to events early to register, that seemed the case yesterday. I cannot understand why multiple tables can be set up to take simulataneous entries similar to any of the Ballycotton events or why the results take so long to process.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say fair play to all the stewards & volunteers who got absolutely drenched towards the end of the race & afterwards. A thankless (but important)job!

Eileen on the run said...

Am curious to hear how many people ran - it seemed like a huge turnout.
Well done to the BHAA gang - super-efficient at this stage!!
John, we missed your usual race preview - it was strange to run a route without knowing when hills were due!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the race.Well done to sponsers Source who put a big effort into lasts night race.

Finbarr said...

Enjoyed the run despite the weather. Pity the gardai were late and so was the start. Great idea for the long chute in the pitch. And agree with the other poster...thanks to the stewards who got drenched before, during and after the race.

Anonymous said...

Gr8 race - well organised in my opinion
The pre and post race wait is par for the course with big races. The volunteers were brilliant. I'm definitely going to do it again

John G said...

I thought the organisation of the actual race was top class. In a very busy area like Glanmire, it was always going to be challenging, but there was excellent stewarding. Only downside for me was the desperately long and slow-moving queue after the finish line to get the numbers written down in order. And especially when it was so cold. There must be a better way of doing this. Top class overall.

John Desmond said...

Too many races Eileen. It would take too long to preview them all.

Spectre said...

Top Class event!,The crowd and excitement of the start on a narrow, busy road and the always excellent Gardai involved as well made it all seem like an international world event! Some newer runners told me that they very impressed with the scene and the organisation. The BHAA lads/ladies and volunteers were excellent.

Anonymous said...

Any full results very slow coming

Anonymous said...

full results when?h

Anonymous said...

ah lads! whats the delay with the results??

Anonymous said...

could we have the results before next years race!!!