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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cork BHAA John Buckley Sports 5k attracts a large field.....31st May 2011

The 2011 John Buckley Sports 5 km road race in Cork City attracted a large entry on Tuesday evening and while the number has to be confirmed, it looks as if it is in the region of 700 runners.

The winner of the mens race was Mark Hanrahan in a time of 14:46, well ahead of his nearest rival Ryan Creech in 2nd place with 15:19. Just behind in 3rd place was former Cork City Marathon winner Michael Herlihy in 15:23.

In the ladies race, Lizzie Lee ran 16:48 to win as well as setting a new course record. Annette Quaid finished 2nd in 17:32 while Rhona Lynch finshed just behind in 3rd with 17:39.

Also taking part in the race was the Irish International racewalker Rob Heffernan who was using it as a training session . Rob is currently in training for the World Championships in Korea which is coming up in August / September.

Category Results...
Men's Results
1 Mark Hanrahan , 2 Michael O'Herlihy , 3 Kevin Wilmot , 4 John Meade , 5 Cathal O'Connell
O/40 1 Mark McMahon ,2 Colin O'Herlihy , 3 John Dunphy
O/45 1 Brian Lenihan , 2 Stanislaw Byczek , 3 Tom O'Regan
O/50 1 Michael Murphy , 2 Pat Murphy , 3 Ken Carey
O/55 1 P Mahoney , 2 Tom Cody , 3 Willie Hayes
O/60 1 Pat Twomey , 2 John Holland , 3 Jimmy Murray
O/65 1 John Cotter , 2 F Kelleher , 3 Tony Dunne
O/70 1 John O'Leary
Wheelchair 1 Jerry Forde
Mens A Team - 1 CIT 83, 2 UCC 176, 3 Navy 179
Mens B Team - 1 EMC 233, 2 Army 272, 3 Midleton News 278
Mens C Team - 1 Flexible Connectors 341, 2 CBC 397, 3 IPS 517
Ladies Individual 1 Lizzie Lee , 2 Rhona Lynch , 3 Laura Crowe , 4 Sinead O'Connor , 5 Niamh Roe
O/35 1 Michelle Nolan , 2 Ann Wolfe , 3 Gillian Cotter
O/40 1 Sinead Ni Chonchuir , 2 Edel O'Connor , 3 Breda Cahill
O/45 1 Niamh O'Sullivan , 2 Ann Moore , 3 Mary Cotter
O/50 1 Ann Donnelly , 2 Ann Tobin , 3 Frances O'Connor
O/55 1 Brid Murphy , 2 Mary Linehan , 3 K O'Connell
O/60 1 Maggie Dunne ,
Ladies A Team - 1 Dept of Ed 114, 2 Midleton News 299, 3 HSE 353
Ladies B Team - 1 HSE 516, 2 Eolas 732, 3 Pfizers   792

Full results.........well, it looks as if the record crowds overwhelmed the finish as bit and there were long delays in the finishing chutes. The results can now be seen HERE

Photos.......Not a great evening for taking photos as it was really dull. There is a small gallery HERE

Another album by Gearoid O'Laoi HERE.

20% Off Vouchers.........If you picked up one of these and you are wondering where to use it, then see the details at the end of the race preview.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed the race - great atmosphere! However could have enjoyed it better if I was not stuck in the finishing chute for over 20 mins! BHAA need to look at this race again - its no surprise that the numbers are high at this race - this has been the case over the past few years but this is not reflected in the end of race management. Don't like to complain as I know this is all done on a voluntary basis on but 20 mins is too long to wait....

Anonymous said...

great run mighty refreshments afterwards as always,10 mins. at most in chutes but not a bother, keep up the good work bhaa.

Finbarr said...

Great race and thanks again to all those who volunteer. But I have to agree with the other poster...stuck in chute for 20mins or so. Freezing by the time I got out and quite stiff. They left people who arrived over 10mins behind us go first. I saw countless people leaving chute because of wait...this'll mess up times.

Anonymous said...

24 minutes running and over 25 minutes waiting in the chute, getting cold and stiff. why were the slower runners processed through the chutes faster? wont be back next year.

Esther said...

I enjoyed the race overall, but thought it was a bit too crowded at the start. Also, I don't generally like the shorter races anyway, and not so sure it was such a good idea with the marathon coming up. Won't be back next year, mainly because the distance just doesn't suit me but also it is just a bit too popular with the crowds for my liking.
I suppose the location suited a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great race and the lads did the best job they could when dealing with such large numbers.I would like to see those people who are moaning try and do a better job and donate some of there free time to help out ,if they are so concerned with the organisation of the event

Spectre said...

Interesting discussion with a runner who said
that in the U.S. in some areas with organisations like the BHAA, they issue a chip to each member for the season. No numbers to be got for listed runners. The only issue would be to deal with the non registered runners?

Anonymous said...

Bhaa seriously need to look at this , Eagle ran fota with similar if not more numbers and no problems with chutes, or times or delays with results.... Seem to be that trend with them so losing interest in their races , not starting on time, finishing chutes and result delays, no other races have this problem if you are not at the start for the time tough , you will be early the next time.
ps ... people who cannot run 6 pace or under stay off the start line and then you will not cause an obstruction !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a hug..

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a way of voting up comments in blogger....

+1 to Mr. Anonymous 2/6/11 8:56 PM

-1 to you sir, you know who your are..

Anonymous said...

Well done to the BHAA for coping with the unexpected high number of runners and giving everyone the opportunity to run.
Do I detect an element of chauvinism? Apparently, the first 20 people over the line got tee shirts, all of which were men! how about next year tee-shirts for the top 10 women over the line?

Anonymous said...

hmmm that adds to the rumours about guys outside of the registered runners getting prizes (a gesture by the race sponsor) but this only happened for the men, what about the non registered ladies who also were highly placed? all things being equal...............

Anonymous said...

People who are complaing about this race being over crowded should try the graded league 5k. Numbers not too great there.

Anonymous said...

Hi John ,

I know your a busy man this week , with the marathon and all the previews .
Just wondering was there any category results for teams out from the race on tues yet .
I know the main results won't be out for a week or so yet .

Thanks John .

Great work lad.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
hmmm that adds to the rumours about guys outside of the registered runners getting prizes (a gesture by the race sponsor) but this only happened for the men, what about the non registered ladies who also were highly placed? all things being equal...............

In response to the above:
I was not aware until too late that Annette Quaid (non reg) was in the top 5. She will also get a prize.
sorry Annette
Thanks to everybody for taking part.
John Buckley

John Desmond said...

Thanks John

Anonymous said...

Any sign of the full results?

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt it was an excellent race.
The finish was appalling.
My wife ended up second last in the chute and
Was ignored - the organisers didn't take her number
Or name- she by no means came last - I finished
In 20 minutes and spent 25 minutes in a q and am still
Waiting for my official result.