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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Preview of the Lisgoold 5 km road race...Sun 8th Nov (11am)
This event is organised by Lisgoold GAA club and is a brand new race! From time to time, I come accross 'runs' organised by GAA or other sports clubs and they are are nothing more than fun runs. This however is a proper race with plenty of prizes and run on an accurate course measured to the nearest micron by John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions. The entry fee for the race is €10.
Lisgoold........Where is it???........I had to admit I had to get out a map to find it! It's one of those places where most people have heard of it but few people have seen ;o)

Basically, it's a few miles north of Midleton. If you are coming from Cork City, take the N25 East and take the turn-off for Midleton. Almost immediately, you'll come accross the new road junction. Take a left here and bypass the town. You'll come out on another wide road junction. Take the left here and you are now on the R626 heading North for Lisgoold, Ballincurrig and Rathcormack. Look for the Community Centre when you get there.

Course.......This is a rough outline of the course. A description of the course is given below...
"Starts in the village. Mile markers. Course starts on an uphill section, with a gradual pull for about 600 metres and then a steep incline up past the graveyard to Top Cross which lasts about 400m. Turning right at the cross roads the course is relatively level until the 1 mile mark where you can catch your breath and enjoy the scenery before the course ascends to Corbally and there is a small incline back onto the main road at Smarts Bar before turning right for Lisgoold Village. Mile 2 is just beyond the thatch houses on the right. Mile 2 to three is a gradual down hill until you reach the bridge which has an incline up to the GAA pitch. From here to the village is a gradual downhill, the 3 mile mark just at the housing estate and the finish line just before the entrance of the community centre."

Overall......with an entry fee of €10, this race would be in the upper range compared to other similiar road races locally. With a tough uphill start, it's unlikely to be a course for fast times. However, the route would seem to be on nice quiet country roads and will make a nice change from running in built up areas. They are taking entries from 10am and the race starts at 11am. A flyer for the race can be seen HERE.


Anonymous said...

This must be the greatest rip off of all.Typical GAA trying to cash in on the running boom.Just look at the prizes only one in each category and 10 Euro entry fee.Take a look at the Inniscarra Race and compare the value for money.Ther is NO comparison.

frankeee said...

Simple solution: If you think it's a rip off - Don't run it! (BTW if you run Iniscarra & aren't registered with the BHAA it costs €7 & you're not eligible for ANY prizes.

Anonymous said...

Fund raising is an inherent part of any sports club or organisation. For a race in its first year and without the full complement of runners that are attracted to the well established races, the prizes do capture all categories and with road races few and far between this time of year for those who do not participate in the longer 15 milers, marathons and cross country, then full marks to the organisers. Its great to see these events offer non-runners (GAA members or otherwise) to part take in a race. In terms of value one only has to venture to West Cork where running a half marathon costs over 50 Euro. Very costly and painful for a T-shirt. Value for money cannot be judged until after the event. Anon.Runner.

Lisgoold GAA said...

It is with great disbelief that I read this post re the Lisgoold Road Race that I am involved in organising,
As this is our first year organising a road race we are on a steep learning curve.
At the moment we have a prize fund of approx €1000 defined for the following catagories
Top 3 Male/Female
Top Junior Male/Female
1st Male Over 40 45 50 55 60
1st Female Over 35 40 45 50 55
Local Gaa Member and Wheelchair athlete not to mention numerous spot prizes.
On top of this we have light refreshments planned to be served afterwards in the local hall.

As this is the first ever running of this event we cannot estimate what kind of turn out we will get on the day and if things dont work out as planned we could well make a loss for this event.
'We are hardly trying to cash in on the Running Boom!' merely trying to encourage our club members to keep fit in the off season and to promote a new local activity to raise the profile of our small East Cork village.

As a semi-retired runner myself with
15 East Cork Medals
10 County Medals
3 South Munster Medals
10 Munster Medals
6 All-Ireland Medals
I think the list of achievements above highlight the diversity of GAA members and that not all GAA members should be tarred with the same brush and that past prejudics should be cast aside re the big bad GAA that many people still have.

David O'Sullivan
Semi Retired Athlete
Part time GAA player

Anonymous said...

I had been in two minds about whether or not i would go to Lisgoold tomorrow (nothing to do with entry fee, just hadn't decided), but having read the begrudging whinging comments of anonymous no. 1 and the well put together thoughts of David O sullivan, it's Lisgoold here I come. Good luck to Lisgoold GAA, really hope it turns out well for you.

Anonymous said...

I won't run this race due to its expense. I hope next years running scene is not ruined by price hikes.

johnoc said...

Reading the course description I am reminded of Eschers never ending staircases... :)

Looking forward to paying my fee and taking that ride!