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Monday, August 10, 2009

Some running related items on the BBC News website...
I came accross 2 news items on the BBC News website over the last few days.

The first item is about a juice that boosts stamina and could help people exercise for up to 16% longer....just the thing for a Marathon....although I can't see this one taking off ;o)

And the second item is about a Somali runner who can run as 19 minutes for a 5km, 40 minutes for a 10k, 1:30 for a half marathon and ran the London Marathon in 3 hrs 14 min. At first, it might not sound like anything special until you read the full story.


Anonymous said...

and i complain about bad knees, ill shut up now for ever more

midleton runner said...

ill never complain about sore knees again , he is some man