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Friday, August 07, 2009

Preview of the 'Route to Crook' 5 mile road race...Sun 9th August 2009
This 5 mile road race starts in Goleen at 7pm on Sunday, the 9th of August. The route goes from Goleen to Crookhaven along the coast road which no doubt would be a stunning route if the weather is fine.

Getting there........If you are coming from Cork city, then it's a long way down. It's about 120 kms and the drive will take approx 2h 05m. If you are west of the city then it's obviously less. Considering the drive and the fact that it's on a Sunday night and a lot of people will have work on Monday, I wonder if the turnout will be that big? It seems to me that a Friday or Saturday date would have made more sense?

Changes this year.....One of the complaints that I heard from previous years were the number of kids running and causing an obstruction at the start of the race. This year, they are starting 15 minutes before the main race which should help a lot.

There is a flyer for the race HERE.

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