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Monday, October 20, 2008

Reviews of Marathons and other races overseas....???
A visitor to this website left a comment recently suggesting if it might be a good idea to have a section here where people can post their reviews of Marathons that they might do overseas.

John, As more and more of us are considering running a foreign marathon, I think I have a good idea for you. Could you invite any runner who has ran a foreign marathon to write a report on your blog on the week after they run the race. You then might be able to organise the reports by marathon. This could then be developed so that the reader could click on say "the Amsterdam Marathon" and they could read the reviews of the subcribers. What would you think?.........Anonymous

I guess most people here start out doing the Cork or Dublin Marathon and then some might start thinking about doing one overseas. In fact, a lot of clubs organise their own trips and city marathons are a big tourist attraction for many European cities.

So why not, it's not as if the site is going to be flooded by reports and I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would be interested in hearing what they are like. We have all heard about the big ones like London, Paris, Berlin, New York, etc. It would be nice to hear what it is like from a local runners point of view. I can keep an index of the reports near the bottom of the menu bar on the right and we'll see how it goes.

So if you have just completed a race overseas recently (lets say Half Marathon & Marathons), then why not submit a short race review. Say 300 to 400 words covering issues like course...hilly or flat / entry fees / restricted entry? / cost / weather / organisation / atmosphere / etc. Send it to my e-mail address which is shown at the bottom of the menu bar on the right.
And just to emphasise the point on how popular overseas race have become, a good number of runners from Cork and Munster took part in the Amsterdam Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, the 19th of October. I have put a list of the finishers from Munster up on the Running in Munster website.
"Has anyone ever ran a marathon in either Lisbon (dec 7) or Florence (nov 30)? If yes- which one is more difficult , has more hill climbs etc...Ran the Cork City one last June and am hoping to complete one more in either of above cities before year end.......Barry Coleman"


Anonymous said...

Hi John,For anyone in the Dublin Marathon Monday the long range forcast looks great,sunny start but a cold one 6-8 degrees nice and fresh, check out this site Fergal.

Richard said...

I did Cologne last year - it was my first marathon and I'll post up a decent review of the whole thing. It is easy to get to if you fly to Amsterdam - You can get a train from Schipol to the marathon start line in Germany!!