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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Entries for the 2009 London Marathon....???
Someone left a comment under a previous post about the 2009 London so I have put it up here as a seperate post...
"Just wondering has anyone who applied for the London Marathon, through the overseas ballot system, got an acceptence yet. Myself and my wife both applied, unfortunately she got a refusal email but I've heard nothing good or bad yet. Still hopeful!..........Anonymous"

I have heard of another person who got a refusal. Anyone got an acceptance yet?

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Anonymous said...

I couldn’t have put it better myself Sally, I whole hearty agree with everything you said. A cattle mart with people pushing and shoving would describe it mildly!!!
I was in the exact same situation as you last year, but this year I was as cute as a fox and knew exactly what to do.

Also could I take this opportunity to say the Limerick LADIES mini-marathon was a joke! Let me stress the word LADIES again! There was so many men in this race, us girls didn’t have a chance! Myself and my friends trained hard all Summer to reach the top 100, but the results list complied of so many guys names who had registered as girls (eg. Paul to a Pauline) we didn’t have a hope in hell. I fully understand this is a charity run and the drags provided great entertainment for spectators, but for us it was a girls race and we wanted to do well. There are plenty of other races for guys to participate in, give us poor girls a chance!!!

Simple solution for the organisers: Hold a MENS mini-marathon next year, especially if the guys feel so passionate about running with the ladies and dressing up as drags!!!! I can guarantee you there would be no shoving and acres of space for elite runners.

If I’m fit and strong enough next year I’ll be heading down to Cork to do Cork-Cobh 15 miles which was held on the same day.

By the way Sally, if you thought things were bad in Cork, the Limerick race was ten times worse with roughly only a third of the crowd.