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Monday, November 19, 2007

Update on Entry forms for the 2008 Ballycotton 10....
First of all, it's 2 weeks before the entry forms come out so there is no panic at the moment. I am just putting up this short post to remind anyone who was thinking of sending off a SAE (Stamped Addressed Envelope) to get an entry form.

Just a quick reminder about the entry conditions.

1) The entry forms come out on Monday, the 3rd of December. The first 2,500 entries that are returned by post will be entered automatically.

2) Club runners or anyone who did one of the Ballycotton Summer series 5 mile races have up until the 18th of December to enter.

3) Overseas entrants have until the 8th of January to enter.

So, if you would prefer to have an entry form returned to you by post, you might consider sending them a SAE this week so that they will get it in plenty of time.

Chances are that if you go the SAE route, you'll probably get the entry form in the post on the morning of Monday the 3rd and you can post it that afternoon. Otherwise, you can wait (like me ;o) until the evening of the 3rd and download it off the Ballycotton website and post it on the 4th, 1 day behind the SAE gang. I think if you post it on the 4th, you should get in ok. Anyone that did it last year was ok. It's your call.

Remember, if you qualify for conditions 2) and 3) above, there is no panic. Otherwise, panic!!! ;o)

For more info on the entry procedure, see my earlier post...

One last thing!! The entry form is A4 size. Make sure your SAE is large enough and there is sufficient return postage. Here is their address...Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co. Cork.

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